Cockatiel bird on train leaves commuters perplexed

The medium-sized parrot’s name is Shadow. “He is three years old and had a brother, but he was killed by a cat,” his owner tells us. The unusual pair take regular trains in the Westmeath and Roscommon areas on the Dublin-Mayo train line.

“The train staff and conductors turn a blind eye to me as they brine him on board and naturally he gets on for free,” smiled Shadow’s owner.

The man brings a bag of small nuts to feed Shadow, and also ties him up with a small leash to keep him from flying away. Shadow also enjoys looking out the window at the passing landscape, and perhaps other birds in the wild.

Two years ago, a supermarket in Dublin apologized to panto queen Twink after banning her from bringing her Timberlake cockatiel into their store. Twink, real name Adele King, regularly carried his pet bird on his shoulder to various shops in the Knocklyon shopping centre.

Twink is regularly seen in SuperValu next to his house with his pet on his shoulder

SuperValu Knocklyon said they were sorry for “any embarrassment” they may have caused him. A spokesperson for the supermarket said at the time: “SuperValu Knocklyon would like to apologize for any confusion regarding our store’s beloved customer, Adele King.

“We would like to clarify that Mrs. King continues to be welcome in our store and that yesterday’s media coverage regarding her pet cockatiel is due to the store manager responding to a request to clarify our policy regarding the presence of animals in store.

‘It was not intended to cause embarrassment to Ms King, who is a long time and valued customer of Knocklyon staff, we apologize for any offense caused.’

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