Fatigue at lunchtime? Four ridiculously tasty work-from-home lunches


Is there anything worse than boredom at lunchtime?

While the official return to work is in full force, you’re probably still working a bit at home and bored of the same old bowl of soup or a dull ham and cheese sandwich.

So how do you shake things up a bit? From salads to sandwiches, there are plenty of options that are super quick to make and really delicious.

Here are four home meals that are healthy, tasty, quick to prepare AND packed with protein!

Southern fried chicken and salad

First of all, we like Birds Eye Grilled Chicken! Adding a little magic to meals, these grills are made from 100% chicken breast and are brilliant when added to salads, stir-fries or just with rice or a potato!

Southern fried chicken in breadcrumbs is a great option for lunch at home. Why not chop it up with leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado for a tasty but healthy lunch?

Chicken Fillet Roll With Salad

A roll of chicken fillet may sound like something you have to drive to a gas station to get it, but you can do it at home! Just cook one of Birds Eye’s Southern Fried Chicken in breadcrumbs according to package directions, then layer it in a crispy roll with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, cucumber and All that you want. Why not add some grated cheese for an extra boost ?!

Fish finger sandwich

Who doesn’t love a fish sandwich? Made in minutes, it’s a lunchtime treat! Take two slices of bread or a wrap and spread them with ketchup, mayonnaise or any sauce of your choice, and fill with grills, ovens or fries. Birds Eye Fish Fingers, then add the salad and toppings of your choice. Delicious!

work from home lunches
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Crispy Chicken In Tempura Caesar Salad

Birds Eye Grilled Chicken is also available as a crispy chicken in a tempura batter, making it a truly special Ceaser Chicken Salad!

Grill the meats according to package directions, chop and toss with fresh lettuce, grated Parmesan, crutons and plenty of Caesar dressing. Honestly, it’s so tasty you’ll find yourself making it over and over and over again as one of your work at home lunches!

work from home lunches
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And, if you’re stuck for family dinner inspiration, Birds Eye has a number of quick and tasty recipes on their website, which will keep you going until next Christmas!

Birds Eye grilled chicken is on sale at Tesco, Dunnes, Supervalu and all major supermarkets.


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