Flare to Airdrop Canary Network Token to XRP holders

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XRP holders who participated in the Spark Airdrop snapshot in December will receive a second airdrop, Flare Networks announced today.

Flare plans new airdrop for XRP holders

Flare Networks has announced a new airdrop as it plans to launch a Canarian network called Songbird.

In an announcement, the team said it will drop Songbird’s native SGB token within the next six weeks.

Flare aims to bring Ethereum-based smart contracts to various non-EVM-enabled networks like the XRP Ledger.

While the project is expected to launch in September 2021, the team now plans to launch Songbird for security testing and experimentation, CEO and founder Hugo Philon confirmed in a blog post.

Phillon described Songbird as a conflicting environment for long-term live testing and bug discovery.

According to the team, Songbird will be essential for testing the network architecture as well as core systems that include Time Series Oracle, StateConnector and the F-Asset system.

Hugo added that applications planned on Flare will first be tested on Songbird to try to find and exploit bugs.

In December 2020, Flare Network announced that its Spark network token would be dumped on all XRP holders. The same XRP holders who participated in the snapshot will now receive SGB.

For every 1 XRP at the time of the snapshot, 0.1511 SGB tokens will be allocated.

Flare was incubated by Ripple Xpring’s Startup Accelerator Program in November 2019. Besides XRP, it will support three other crypto assets: XLM, LTC, and DOGE.

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