Kerala High Court stops police from insisting on removal of pet birds from patio

the High Court of Kerala Monday asked the head of government to determine whether, by keeping birds as pets, the petitioner had violated any provision of the law. The general practitioner has been asked to ask for instructions on this aspect.

The learned government litigator must obtain instructions and report if the petitioner has broken any provision of the law by keeping birds as pets,“indicated the order.

The direction was made by Judge Raja Vijayaraghavan V upon hearing a Muthukkutti K., complaining that he and his family members are being harassed by the Circle Inspector for keeping pet birds in their residence.

For this reason, a motion was filed asking the respondents not to harass him to demand the removal of his pet birds from their patio.

The court therefore ordered the station officer and the circle inspector to refrain from insisting that the applicant remove his pet birds from the terrace of his building for the time being. The matter was listed next week for further consideration.

Lawyer Nemom Chandra Babu appeared for the petitioner.

The police had taken action against the applicant on the basis of complaints received from local residents of the applicant’s neighborhood.

Case title: Muthukutti K v. Police Commissioner & Ors

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