Little girl feeds birds, receives precious gifts from them and shows what they gave her Nigeria news

  • Gabi Mann was rewarded with small pieces of broken things from a murder of crows she has been feeding for four years
  • The birds got so used to her that they lined up her porch to wait for her lunch which she often shared with them
  • Lisa, her mother, was happy that her child loves animals and also started photographing birds to study their behavior

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Eight-year-old Gabi Mann in Seattle is a caring child who began to feed crows that always came to the windows of her house.

It all started because of her childish awkwardness when she accidentally dropped food on the front porch of their house. The crows watched her go before they began to eat, BBC reports.

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Her mother was happy to love birds
Birds always give him precious gifts. Photo source: BBC News
Source: UGC

My child loves animals

After noticing what the killing of crows was doing, she began to intentionally feed them. To reward her new friends, she shared her lunch with them, worthy reports.

Her mother, Lisa, never worried about her child’s behavior, she only told the BBC that she was happy the child loves animals.

The birds made her a friend

As the crows got used to her, they began to expect her to come home from school every day.

The crows showed their appreciation by bringing him different types of broken items. The girl kept them as a collection. The items in the range are paper clips, pieces of foam among others.

As the crows interacted with her child, Lisa also photographed them and noted their behavior in a notebook.

The crows have become resourceful

One day, while taking pictures of an eagle, she lost her camera lens. She soon found him in the bird bath outside her house.

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Wondering if the crows had returned her, she looked through the home security camera and saw that one of the birds her daughter had fed brought her back.

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A singing parrot

Meanwhile, Earlier reported that a parrot rose to global stardom after doing a smooth cover of Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy.

Called Chico, the nine-year-old Amazon parrot is known to always sing at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in Boston, England.

A clip of the bird giving a wonderful rendition of Beyonce’s song has gone viral since it was uploaded to social media.


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