Local family struggles to keep their pet chickens – Boca Raton’s most trusted source of information

A family in Boca Raton tries to keep their chickens after being given 14 days’ notice to get rid of the birds.

As reported by CBS 12 News, the family has received the notice of the association from their owners.

Damir Kadrubasic, who breeds dogs for a living, says he and his family own chickens as pets.

He says he trains them to socialize and behave with others like the dogs he works with.

“We’ve had chickens for about ten or eleven years. We love them, they are our pets, ”says Kadrubasic.

While the family was on vacation, Kadrubasic and his wife received a notice from the Ashley Park Owners Association. The notice informed them that the chickens needed a new home.

Neighbors and family friends protested against the notice. They wrote petitions and posters calling for the chickens to stay.

Lawyer David Rondon says the family’s opinion was just a note with one sentence. Rodon says the notice did not say what the family had violated and did not include any regulations that said chickens were not allowed.

Rodon states that chickens can be considered pets because they are not used commercially. He also states that the owners association cannot selectively enforce the rules itself.

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