Lost parrot finds owner after social media search

A lost parrot has found its owner after a social media search.

Barry resident Carys Browne found the bird on Friday September 3 and took to Facebook in an attempt to find the owner.

Carys said, “Has anyone lost a parrot ??? Another serious question !! Thanks for sharing, I have it here.”

Others quickly commented, saying there had been some sightings in the area of ​​what appeared to be a wild parrot, but Carys said this one is a pet, “he talks and is very friendly” .

The Amazon parrot has yellow markings on its head and red tips at the top of its wings. Credit: Carys Browne

It is believed to be an Amazonian parrot which is often kept as a pet.

Amazonian parrots are medium in size with a short tail and are native to the Americas.

Birds can live for over thirty years and are often described as playful, extroverted, and many love to sing.

In an effort to track down the owner of the lost bird, Carys posted a video with her “new best friend” who she said “flew to her in her backyard.”

In the video, Carys can be seen feeding his new feathered friend peanuts as she explains what happened.

The post has been shared over 200 times, including on the Lost and Found Parrots UK Facebook group.

The curious bird seems to like being hand-fed peanuts. Credit: Carys Browne

Several comments have suggested who the animal might belong to.

“Unfortunately, don’t think it’s her because ours got lost tonight. Thanks anyway… I hope mine shows up somewhere.”

Other local residents volunteered their time to help find its owner by scouring the streets for posters.

The owner has now been found according to Carys, who says Cookie flew away after being surprised.

Cookie’s owner says they were outside watching the sunset when this happened and he’s never flown and got lost before.

According to Lost and Found Parrots UK, the best thing to do if you lose a parrot is to search from early evening until dark and early morning light, as that’s when they are the loudest.

The website also advises leaving their cage outside as this is familiar to the bird and may encourage it to return.

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