Reader applauds Galbreath’s plan to convert land for solar project

Reader applauds Galbreath’s plan to convert land for solar project

RE: The article in the Sunday August 1 dispatch “The Galbreaths are looking for a green use for the farm. ” I warmly applaud John “Squire” Galbreath for his forward-thinking and generous plan to convert much of his land into a solar project that would not only provide solar power to many homes, but also provide nectar to the population. so many pollinating insects thanks to its planned planting program.

Denying Galbreath’s selfless plan would be a slap in the face for all of us who relish a better world for us, our children and the rapidly vanishing wild animals, birds and insects.

Joan Riggs, Dublin

Columnist’s opinion on vaccination is not helpful in trying to get back to normal

I don’t know what use is in the printing of columns such as Kathleen Parker’s “Rioters, anti-vaxxers cut from the same cloth” printed in the Sunday August 1 dispatch. As we seek out those who are reluctant to get vaccinated to join the ranks of the vaccinated, portraying them all as insurgents seems counterproductive to the effort.

There have been numerous reports that the unvaccinated include hospital workers, teachers, people of color, youth, residents of large urban areas, and citizens of the Red and Blue states. Parker’s anecdotal observations are not helpful in getting citizens to come together to bring the virus under control so that we can all get back to our lives.

Catherine Kurth, Colomb


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I am vaxxed, but I do not shame the non-vaxxed

RE: Kathleen Parker, Sunday Dispatch, “Rioters, anti-vaccines cut from the same fabric. “

I am ‘vaxxed – and I promote it. But I also get ” the non-vaxxed‘worries.

Bad effects are minimized, especially in advertisements. No medical treatment is perfect – presenting it as such is irresponsible, and neither good science nor a selling point. So how can you laugh at people’s worries, especially if loved ones have an injury or myocarditis?

Minimizing this is as bad as minimizing concerns about COVID-19. It’s not like riots, where people clearly don’t care.

The non-vaxxed “endangered 300 million Americans?” “

So these millions of people can’t control who or what they are exposed to, or whether they mask and vaxx? We need to help public health, especially the elderly and immunocompromised; and can, with responsible behaviors (ie, stay home when sick). But at the end of the day, people are responsible for their own health and their choices. To assume that all “non-vaxxed” are indifferent is a stereotype.

Many show concern (mask, stay home in case of illness). Warn those who refuse safety measures, regardless of vaccination status.

I always say vaxx, but comparing people with real concern to rioters who wreck people and property?

No. People “concerned” mean well. The rioters don’t.

Talk to them, don’t demonize them. They also want to protect themselves and others. They show their concern in other ways, as we all had to do before the vaccination.

Theresa Myers, Grove City

Trump should promote ‘his’ vaxx to have a positive impact on the country

I don’t know who Donald Trump is listening to these days other than himself. Maybe he should consider holding rallies in Florida, Louisiana and Texas as soon as possible.

His message would be simple.

He would tell everyone who loves him to go get “his” vaccine right away. The country would achieve collective immunity in a matter of weeks. Trump could claim that it was he, rather than Biden, who pulled the country out of the pandemic. Everyone wins, the country is safe and Trump can brag about it. Unintentionally, he would actually serve the American people in a positive way.

Matthew Kallner, New Albany

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