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It’s Jurong Bird Park’s 50th bird-day, and everyone is invited!

Home to over 3,500 birds of 400 species, the iconic tourist attraction nestled in an idyllic hilltop was first opened in 1971. Today, it is one of Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s award-winning attractions.

Be part of the celebrations and plan a family day out with the little ones to navigate the scenic park, but this time avoid taking your usual walking trail. Instead, go on a GPS-enabled excursion via Wildlife Quest with Detective Blue.

Created specially with AID-DCC, a Japan-based digital production agency, and Crooner Pte Ltd, Wildlife Quest is Jurong Bird Park’s first digital GPS play course that features Detective Blue – a brave little blue-throated cartoon macaw. – as he guides you on an educational journey to see the park from a new perspective.

To get started, all you need to do is go to the kiosk near the park entrance to receive your Wildlife Quest sun visor and a wristband with a personal code. A member of staff will help you download the digital game to your phone and you’ll be ready to explore the sprawling 20ha space.

Ready to start your adventure? First of all, download the digital game Wildlife Quest on your phone. PHOTO: SINGAPORE WILDLIFE RESERVES

Go on an avian adventure

Your digital quest includes nine designated game points for you to visit, but you’re free to locate them or complete each activity in any order you like, at your own pace. At every game point you arrive at, you’ll be given a quiz question to answer, or a task to complete – but don’t worry, you’ll get all the help you need looking for clues around the exhibit !

For example, at Pelican Cove, you will be asked to take a photo or video of yourself holding as many things as possible, to mimic how pelicans use the pouch under their beaks to pick up and store fish.

Your adventure is a great opportunity not only to win exclusive prizes, but also to meet Detective Blue’s many feathered friends. They include brave little penguins that waddle or bathe on the Penguin Coast, beautiful flamingos at the Flamingo Pool, and some 500 birds of 135 species at Wings of Asia, a beautiful walk-in aviary.

Say hello to the flamingos at Flamingo Pool, one of nine game points on the digital game track. PHOTO: SINGAPORE WILDLIFE RESERVES

Indoors, the more delicate birds are kept in individual aviaries, while many more freely fly or roam in specially constructed habitats, giving you opportunities to take photos as you approach them.

Many birds, such as the Santa Cruz land dove, Bali myna, and black-winged myna, are endangered in the wild or poached, but have been successfully bred at Jurong Bird Park.

No visit is complete without discovering Parrot Paradise – home to cockatoos, macaws, lorises and parakeets – and the impressive 35-meter-high Waterfall aviary, with more than 600 free-flying birds.

Once you’ve completed all of the geo-tagged challenges on the Wildlife Quest Trail, return to the booth near Penguin Cove to claim your well-deserved rewards, which include an exclusively designed keychain and explorer badge.

Take part in bird-themed games and sustainable craft activities at the ‘Cacawnival’. PHOTO: SINGAPORE WILDLIFE RESERVES

Catch more bird action

There are many other enrichment activities to enjoy before you stop. Be sure to check out the Cacawnival at Songbird Terrace, which features a range of bird-themed games and sustainable craft activities, or attend a bird-feeding session to see a yellow-billed lori munching on slices of sweet potato, lemon and apple . Don’t leave Jurong Bird Park until you venture inside an egg-shaped portal to watch a video showcasing the park’s heritage and its 50-year history.

End your visit at the Feathers Gift Shop, where you can give the little ones a souvenir to take home; options range from sustainably made Jurong Bird Park 50th Anniversary collectibles such as tote bags made from recycled bottles, notebooks, the Everybirdy is one of a kind! storybook and even T-shirts featuring Detective Blue and his bird friends.

On the trip home, while the sleeping kids are napping, you can post your snaps on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag # JBP50.

If the little ones find themselves missing their bird friends after the tour, don’t worry: book a live interactive virtual experience via “Hello from the Wild Side”. Hosted by the park’s animal care team, these sessions will feature Quincy the double-headed yellow-headed Amazon and a pair of toco toucans as their keepers cover a variety of bird-related topics such as nutrition, behavior and training.

Wildlife Quest with Detective Blue is available on weekends and holidays until October 31, 2021 as an add-on option for $ 10 when you purchase admission tickets online. You can also purchase the pack, which includes admission to Jurong Bird Park and Wildlife Quest with Detective Blue game (SingapoRediscovers Vouchers redeemable).

Jurong Bird Park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925. For more information, visit www.birdpark.com.sg.

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