“1 billion dollars! That’s what Shaq’s business idea is worth!” : The Lakers legend’s college project earned him an F

Shaq is an NBA legend and a successful businessman. However, his best business idea came when he was in college, it is now worth $1 billion!

Shaquille O’Neal is an NBA legend, a famous broadcaster and a successful businessman. He has an excellent track record when it comes to investing, and some of the brands he has touched have seen their values ​​skyrocket.

Naturally, you would wonder if he developed his business acumen from his CFO, or has he always had it?

A closer look at his time in college reveals that Shaq indeed had a good understanding of business and even had an idea, which would be worth a billion!

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How Shaq sought to create his own brand before setting foot in the NBA!

Shaquille O’Neal was a marketing major at LSU and he had a great idea. Shaq wanted to create his own brand, just like Michael Jordan’s Jumpman.

He wanted to call him Dunkman! He presented it as part of a marketing project. The request was to find something that they could see being sold in the foreseeable future.

The professor at the time didn’t like the idea too much and gave it an F. The reasoning was that big players didn’t sell in the NBA. At the time, commercials were dominated by guards like Bird, Magic and Michael Jordan.

Shaq eventually joined the NBA and signed with Reebok. He launched his own affordable brand and sold over 200 million pairs of shoes or $1 billion in sales.

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