2021 Story # 1: County tries to get back to normal life amid pandemic | Local news

While life remains different and barely normal, 2021 saw Cleburne, along with the rest of the world, working through the process of returning to some semblance of more familiar terrain.

Closures of businesses, churches and schools instituted for security reasons in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have ended, as have face mask requirements.

Johnson County and the City of Cleburne have used some of their federal COVID-19 recovery and mitigation funding – and in Cleburne’s case, other funding as well – to help negatively affected local businesses by COVID-19 closures.

As 2021 approaches, officials in Johnson County and Cleburne were planning how best to use another round of federal funding for COVID-19 mitigation.

Cleburne ISD and other area school districts have moved from online learning to in-person learning.

While some businesses in the region have closed for good, most have returned.

Plaza Theater Co. has undergone several return attempts and subsequent closings throughout 2020, and instead, for much of that year, offered drive-in cinema-style open-air performances and content in line. Plaza returned in 2021 with a shorter-than-usual, albeit highly successful, season that included shows originally scheduled for 2020 but subsequently canceled due to the virus.

Among these shows, “Elf the Musical”, which recently finished its run, ranked among the best-selling theater shows. Earlier this month, Plaza officials unveiled their 2022 season, their first full season of shows since 2019. This season includes new shows as well as several remaining canceled shows from the 2020 season. Plaza plans to resume soon. Plaza Junior shows in addition to other activities previously performed at the theater.

The Cleburne Carnegie Players took over live productions, just as Songbird Live did with live concerts.

COVID-19 has hit charities particularly hard, as donations have fallen and requests for help have increased. Many of them have resumed fundraising events, which they either canceled or held virtually in 2020.

At the end of 2021, COVID-19 cases continue to fluctuate even as residents of Cleburne try to get back to normal.

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