23-year-old gets engaged to 56-year-old millionaire but insists she’s not a gold digger

A 23-year-old woman engaged to a 56-year-old millionaire has said she is not a gold digger. Previously living in an HLM, Allana Luke insists she would be with Jeff Winn despite his bank balance.

The pair met on Tinder, after Allana claimed she was fed up with immature guys her age. The ‘lovebirds’ quickly moved into his massive 11-bed mansion in the northeast together, reports birmingham live.

This year, Jeff popped the question in June, presenting her with a 3.4-carat diamond ring. He gave her a vacation abroad, designer handbags, a Rolex watch and an Audi TT.

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“There’s no denying that Jeff looks a lot older than me, which can make people’s eyes roll when they see us,” she admitted. “They automatically assume I’m just another girl after her money – I don’t blame them as that would be my first thought too.

“But I would still be with Jeff even if he lost the house and went bankrupt,” she swore. “Once people know us, they can say we’re a good game.

“We have the same jokes and always laugh,” she said. “We shouldn’t have to hide the loves of our lives because we’re afraid of being judged.”

Jeff said the critics were “just jealous”. He now employs Allana as his PA, and she says he’s “young at heart” despite their huge age difference. She is ready to sign a prenup before the couple wed, she added.

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