3 new songs to listen to today: Coldplay, Jon Brion and Hermanos Gutiérrez feat. Dan Auerbach

Music can brighten your day.

A song played at the right time, perhaps with the right cup of coffee in your favorite mug, the sun streaming through the window, can really make life worth living.

At American Songwriter, we believe songs are oxygen to your spiritual lungs.

For this, we wanted to share three new musical works to brighten your day and share the good word of the composition. So with that in mind, here are three songs for you today.

1. Coldplay’s “Humankind”

Possibly the most popular band in the world, Coldplay have released a new live video of their track, “Humankind”, from their #1 album, Music of the spheres. Shot in Mexico City, the video shows why the band is so beloved: powerful, brilliant vocals mixed with hard-hitting percussion and illuminating electric guitars. Check it out below.

2. “I Gotta Start Somewhere” by Jon Brion

Prolific songwriter, producer and film composer Jon Brion has done a lot in the industry. His work has appeared in film scores for films like Lady Bird, Punch Drunk Love, and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. And he’s collaborated with musicians like Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Kanye West, Mac Miller and more. Now he has announced the remastered edition of his only debut album from 2001 Without meaningwhich is due out on October 21. To celebrate, he released the track “Gotta Start Somewhere”, which you can check out below.

3. “Very Hermanos” by Hermanos Gutierrez With Dan Auerbach

Zurich-based duo Hermanos Gutiérrez, consisting of brothers Estevan and Alejandro Gutiérrez, have shared their latest single, “Tres Hermanos”, which is from their upcoming new album. Recorded in Nashville, the song marks the duo’s first outside collaboration and features a performance by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Check it out below.

Photo by James Marcus Haney/Atlantic Records

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