A look at four iconic LGTQ + films that premiered this year

Most people see the weekends as a time to unwind from the stress of work. This might involve going out for a picnic or cuddling under the duvet with snacks and watching movies.

For the latter, any film would do; however, if you’re in the mood for a change, you can watch one with characters who identify as LGBTQ + and discover their community to improve your interpersonal relationships with them.

As for those who are already part of the community, this could serve as a tool to reaffirm their identity.

In addition, those locked up can be inspired to come out and take ownership of their identity.
Here is a shortlist of the four 2021 LGBTQ + films.

“The sound of identity”

From the Start is a documentary directed by James Kicklighter titled “The sound of identity.” The film starred Lucia Lucas as the first public transgender baritone woman about to star in an opera stage in American.LGBT

The concept of the film was to capture the entire process behind Lucas’ upcoming performance and its relevance to making or breaking his career. In the end, Lucas takes the stage and is under all the pressures of his character, pioneering something never seen before.

Unsurprisingly, the film’s plot has been hailed by fans and critics alike for its fitting details on the singer’s extraordinary journey.

The New York Times had good words to say about her performance, “… as her booming and powerful baritone ricocheted off the walls, Ms. Lucas, 38, became the character (Don Giovanni). . “

The “Sound of Identity” won two prestigious awards, including an honorable mention in the Documentary category and the Programmers Award of Excellence at the Miami OUTshine film festival.

‘You are my sun’

David Hastings, “You are my sun” is a must-see movie for those more interested in romantic dramas. It follows the love story of two love birds Tom (Ernest Vernon) and Joe (Charles O’Neill), from the moment they crossed paths and their journey into a world not yet tolerant of homosexuality.

The plot of the story is set against a 1970s theme that merges with the seemingly fanatic environment. As the duo grew older, their love was tested by a series of conflicts that threatened to tear them apart.

Fans have called the film a charming coming-of-age story filled with heartfelt scenes and great background music as the icing on the cake.

Overall, this romantic drama centered around two lovable but flawed characters is insightful and tender without falling for the schmaltz.

‘Two of us’

This French comedy-drama shows that Cupid has no qualms about shooting his darts at old people. He captured the romantic relationship between two locked-in older women – Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) in a vintage love story.

The duo found affection in each other’s arms while staying in the same building as the neighbors. Their secret affair was ultimately turned upside down by an unforeseen event that stretched the bond they share.

Serving as Filippo Meneghetti’s directorial debut feature, the film’s plot, along with the remarkable performances, earned France the official selection of the 2021 Oscars for Best International Feature.

“Two of us” shares many similarities with “You are my sunshine” but has a unique character. This clearly shows that the LGTBQ + community is universal and not limited to race and region.

“Pray far away”

“Pray Away” delves deep into the difficult world of gay conversion therapy in the United States, which was initiated and supported by uninformed and intolerant individuals.

In the film, the survivors of therapy detailed distressing accounts of their experiences after being out with their families. The ex-practitioners of the act also told their stories of how their supposed good intentions caused more harm than good to the affected families.

With Jason Blum and Ryan Murphy on the team as producers, they directed the plot to focus on empathy and healing for those who have faced the ordeal perpetrated under the guise of religious activism.

While many may not see the film as a fun one, its content is a complete starter for anyone interested in the history of GCT and the lives it has had.

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