A new cafe has opened in Topeka


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – There’s a new cafe in the neighborhood, with a twist.

“Cafe Quetzal is a cafe, community center and hybrid church all in one, so if you come on a weekday it would look like your traditional cafe and we hope it is very welcoming then we will organize some events community with community members throughout the week and we will also have a Sunday morning church service, ”said Christine Potter.

The name of the cafe was inspired by their experience in another country.

“And so the quetzal is the bird of Guatemala and it symbolizes freedom and so that’s what we’re trying to be here,” Potter said.

“Inspired by the bird in Central and South America and Barb and I and our friends and families spent a lot of time in Guatemala and a few villages there and we got to know and love the people and the country there down there and it was also where we had the best cup of coffee we’ve ever had, ”she said.

The owners knew from the moment they opened their doors that they needed something to make their business unique.

“We really wanted to try and do different things with our coffee so we partnered up with the Scone Lady Cafe in Lawrence and we really wanted to have unique roasters and single origin coffees so that we know they come from sources. responsible and that they are small farms and we have direct contact with them and know how they behave in their communities, ”she said.

On the menu they have an item they say you won’t find anywhere else.

“Our espresso blend is pretty exciting because you can’t get it anywhere else, scone lady has been perfecting itself for years and years and we said we need Guatemalan coffee with this blend and we want it especially for our store, ”said Potier.

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