A special guest visits the newly refurbished formal gardens of Glensheen

The historic Glensheen Estate is always beautiful, especially in the fall. There are over 266 varieties of plants throughout the terrain, including a variety of trees that allow those gorgeous reds and oranges to pop.

This fall marks the completion of the formal gardens project. Over $4 million in state bonding has been invested in this project. They were able to redo some of the structures in the garden that had suffered water damage. They are grateful to say that the fountains are back and flowing.

If you visit, you might notice some changes, including a little less color. However, this new design reflects what it would have looked like in 1909.

On opening day, a pelican visited the formal gardens of Glensheen. The staff affectionately nicknamed him Frank.

Sarah Amundsen for Glensheen

“He just wandered over to the formal garden, took a tip in the pool…we think it was a juvenile pelican resting on the property during his migration,” said Mike Mayou, marketing manager of Glensheen. , tell us. The bird didn’t seem to be afraid and the next day the bird was gone. “Looks like he/she had a great time.”

The public can appropriate the site. On October 6 from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., the autumn photo meeting takes place. Photographers can meet for a sunset and visit the site for free. And October brings The Great Pumpkin Hunt, you can visit the house to find pumpkins hidden in the house. It’s fun for kids and the whole family.

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