Agriculture Provides Roots, Sanctuary for Aledo Veteran | Business and Economy

“That (missed cut) was the catalyst for the purchase,” she said, noting that the equipment also offers custom mowing and snow removal capabilities.

With a commercial license, Hess offers an “egg landscape” that ranges from rusty reds to soft greens and blues to customers in Mercer County. By next fall, she hopes to have some spring turkey eggs and birds weighing around 20 pounds available for Thanksgiving meals. In the near future, she plans to offer her clients starter eggs or poults for breeding. When their birds mature, these clients can return to Hess for assistance with treating adult birds.

Plans for the next year include the completion of a small stand on the farm with a small grain silo roof. The “farmer’s market of one” will offer a variety of vegetables from its two gardens, cut flowers, eggs and meat birds.

“It’s a lot of work, but if you like what you’re doing,” she said with her drawl.

“I thank the Farmer Veteran Coalition for helping fund my dreams, figuring out what it takes, giving me opportunities to pursue my dreams, and giving veterans a mission to serve a purpose.” , Hess said. “It’s very important to be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Farmers looking for hard-working employees should consider hiring veterans, Hess said. Veterans are “equipped to handle and deal with stress and stay calm.” Until the work is done, our working day is not over. It parallels uniformed service and agriculture, ”she explained.

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