Amazing bird calls cute mom, talks with her like a human. Watch | Tendency

The video showing the incredible bird conversing with its mother like a human was posted on Reddit.

The words “pet videos” make almost everyone think of dog or cat clips. It is also true that videos are dominating the online world. However, sometimes videos of other animals also capture people’s attention and amuse them. For example, this super cute clip of a bird and his conversation with his mom.

“Sweet talking birdie,” reads the caption with which the video is posted on Reddit. The clip opens to show a woman lying on a couch with a bird resting on her shoulder. The bird says to the human “You’re kinda cute” and she repeats the same words. The pretty creature then leans over and plants a kiss on the woman. Watch how the conversation progresses:

The video was posted about 16 hours ago. Since it was shared, it has racked up over 2,200 upvotes and the numbers are only growing. The sharing also prompted people to post various comments of appreciation.

“I like it so much!” posted a Reddit user. “I just watched this so many times. So cute!” shared another. “I’ve relayed this about 10 times in a row and I still have a huge smile on my face! So healthy and smart,” said a third. “The “what happened?!?! (OM )G!!!MUAHHH!” Gives me life,” a fourth commented. “Save this post for a serotonin boost,” wrote a fifth.

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