Anita Nderu celebrates her husband in a message of love on their wedding anniversary

As the lovebirds celebrated their first anniversary and the grace of their marriage, the content creator and TV host took to her social media to express her heart to her adorable hubby in a lengthy Instagram post.

She went ahead to share snippets of the memories they made with her man in posts of short clips and photos of the two having great times together in various and different places.

In the message, Anita calls her husband all kinds of beautiful and good names, from her husband, the love of every day to the father of their child, the heart and the soul, we can say that love was made for the two lovers.

“It’s our first wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to my love Barrett Raftery. My soulmate. My lover. Kaya’s father. My today, tomorrow and always. My heart and my soul. My rock. My husband ,” Anita says in the message.

Her poetic prowess, mastery and love for puns were evident as she penned the message of love to her partner in crime, heaping all manner of praise on the man she had chosen as her friend. and husband.

“A year later, I’m still in awe of the wonderful man I share my life with. A year later, we’ve created the magic of 365 and a quarter days and the most beautiful baby. Time really flies when you have fun. I love the version of us that we bring out in each other, the safe space created to be ourselves in our default settings,” She added in the post.

It’s evident through the post that these are two people who are deeply in love with each other if the post is anything to go by. Everything about the two seems to click and every moment is cherished and enjoyed equally.

“I love our conversations about anything and everything. You are my favorite gossip partner. I love to get your attention from across the room and tell you how much I love you. My beautiful human, you “is proof that the things we wish for in our eternity the human exist in ways unimaginable. One life seems damn awesome now that I can share it with you.” she said in the celebratory post.

Their daughter Kaya was not left out as she thanked their daughter’s father for being there for their daughter and being there when she was pregnant and therefore making her a mother .

“There’s love in everything you say and do for us. Kaya has the most amazing dad in you, she’s one lucky nut to be called the most present, caring, loving man’s dad, caring, proactive, sweet and playful She is going to have the most fun navigating life with you Thank you for making me a mom and being amazing during and after the pregnancy It was really easy and wonderful because I had you actively present in every way I could. I would do it again,” Anita posted.

By logging off, she made her wish for her side, her husband, clear for their adorable young daughter and life after.

“Here are many more years and decades to come! Let’s be older, wiser, prettier, healthier, richer and clumsier together. I will always have your back, front and sides. May we raise Kaya to May she know that love like this exists and it’s the best version of parents we can be. May we always know love, happiness, honesty, laughter, kisses and hugs.” , She added.

Her new relationship and engagement to Barret surprised many, knowing that she had a long-term relationship with her ex-boyfriend Sunny, in which there were no signs of a crack in their relationship.

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