Avian flu affects the availability of some grocery products

CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – Supply chain shortages continue to impact local grocery stores and shoppers. Today, bird flu is affecting the availability of some everyday food items.

“The price of eggs has skyrocketed. I’ve been to shops to pick up a dozen eggs and there’s only one type there and that’s the expensive type,” said Mark Paul of Chicopee.

Paul told Western Mass News he was shocked by the cost of some foods and the continued supply chain issues at grocery stores.

“We had a shortage of infant formula, we had a shortage of dairy products not so long ago because of an avian flu. We are supposed to have a shortage of chickens, turkeys, eggs,” Paul noted.

Western Mass News stopped by Fruit Fair in Chicopee where they told us which items they had trouble keeping in stock over the past few weeks.

“We had a severe shortage of deli turkeys. We had to cancel our referrals, all the flavored ones, the low-salt ones, the pan-fried ones that didn’t arrive,” said Fruit Fair co-owner Sam Newell.

Newell told us the reason for the turkey shortage.

“It’s because of the avian flu, the avian flu. It affected chickens and turkeys everywhere and I remember a few months ago chicken prices really went up because of it. Many of our major manufacturers had to close due to the flu,” Newell added.

Newell said that due to a cage-free egg law in the Bay State that went into effect earlier this year, it is driving up the price of eggs.

“So many of our SKUs have been discontinued and, to add to that, the bird flu, which is driving up the price of eggs very high… The egg is a staple food that provides protein at very low cost. It’s critical,” Newell explained.

Amid these struggles, she also encourages people to buy local.

“Support your local grocery store this holiday season and always because we are the only independent store left in Chicopee in a town of 55,000,” Newell said.

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