Birds of a feather flock together (DAYS Two Scoops Commentary September 19, 2022)

We did it, soap fans. We did in the future! The show’s first full week on Peacock aired this week. The show opened with a screen that said “A Peacock Exclusive”. Other than that, it was the same soap we know and love.

Johnny cares about Ava because they’ve been through so much together – seeing each other naked, having a meal. Ah… with these unbreakable bonds, who can stand in the way of their love? Well, actually, everyone. EJ thinks Ava is using Johnny to annoy EJ (kinda does.) Allie and Chanel think Johnny is impulsive and a bit unreasonable. (He totally is.) We joked that men can follow women around like lost puppies, but Johnny literally ran away from home and ended up sleeping on Ava’s floor. Weft.

Fortunately, Ava thinks clearly. She repeatedly stifled Johnny’s romantic advances and told him he needed to find another place to stay. (Johnny is veering into Alex territory here. No means no, man.) But this attitude of consequences that doesn’t exist is both the charm and the downfall of Johnny’s character. He’s the carefree spoiled prince in the world. That’s why he can take Chanel to Italy for a romantic week. It’s also why he throws tantrums when any type of authority figure offers advice contrary to what Johnny wants to do.

I always say the best of both worlds is to put it back into Paulina’s orbit! She’s managed to keep that strong and fun personality, but in a way that’s deserved. She would be a great mentor for Johnny. He needs a job, so maybe Stephanie can hire him as a videographer, and he can do campaign videos for future Governor Paulina Price!

As for EJ, of course, he’s a walking internet troll right now. It rubs in Li’s face that Gabi is still in love with Stefan. He mocks Gabi saying Ava was a bad recruit. And he reaches pop-up levels of annoyance over the validity of Ava and Jake’s marriage. Yet they all smile in his face. Dan Feuerriegel does so well furious, it’s a joy to watch.

However, the only people more smug than EJ are Johnny, Ava, and Li. The thing is, they’re all wrong. Just as I appreciate that EJ constantly stubs his toe, I’ll appreciate seeing him smile like the Cheshire Cat when the truth comes out. I’ve made my popcorn for the biggest “I told you so” party in the world once Jonny learns the truth about Ava.

I left Gabi off this list because she’s understandably rejected from her game right now. It takes him too long to realize that now that Stefan is alive, his shares are no longer his. She’s also super insensitive to Li (who deserves it, but Gabi doesn’t know it right now), insisting that Stefan will remember that he’s the love of Gabi’s life. Gabi must find allies soon, and quickly, because she needs good advice. Maybe she can see Chanel again for a drink. Chanel has experience with an otherworldly husband.

loose ends

When Kate, Marlena, and Kayla all sneezed and passed out, Orpheus revealed via streaming video (nice unintended synergy there, NBC) that they had a fatal but non-contagious disease. I’m pretty glad the three are here to keep each other company. Marlena must be so bored of having to do her annual death story all by herself. Yippee for a girls’ fall trip!

Alex and Sarah’s honeymoon didn’t even make it to lunchtime because Sarah decided that Alex accepting money to tell the truth about something that really happened was too much of a bridge. far. Removal. Hostages. Attempted murder. All cool. But causing a scene at a wedding is a deciding factor. Alright, Sarah. Sure.

Look, that’s of course nonsense on Sarah’s part. Also, given what’s going on with Kate, Kayla, and Marlena, I need Sarah and Alex together more than ever. Kayla is out of commission, which means Salem is going to send the Bat Signal to all the medics. Sarah is a doctor. They’re also investigating some Rolf/Orpheus stuff, and Xander knows those guys well! Sarah and Alex are one of the best mystery-solving duos in town. I need them on the payroll for this fall!

Jada and Eric had a nice chat about their past. Sorry, Jada and Eric had a conversation where Eric told Jada a bunch of things about his past, and Jada was quiet about his. It should go well. Later, Nicole offers Eric a job as a fashion photographer, which he takes, which will make Jada and Rafe very jealous. However, it’s not like Jada or Rafe are passive-aggressive, so you’ll be fine!

Extra spoons


As infuriating as it was to see Kristen bring up accusations from Brady’s past, when her whole story is kind of off limits, I cheered when Brady and Chloe figured out that Kristen was behind Stefan’s return. Go get her, Broe!


I thought Allie was on the right track when she said she didn’t care about Johnny’s life. But then she approached Ava and intervened. And not in a worried way either. She was enough. She too was a complete hypocrite. I get the whole “I can treat my family badly, but you can’t” thing, but the way Allie came home and asked Johnny to lay down on the couch in the house that Allie didn’t not paid for but now owns, was irritating.


Orpheus: “Smooth, Doc, Sneeze…”

I laughed.


Li: “I don’t care about drinks and snacks.”

Apparently there are people who don’t like snacks. I don’t understand these people.


I know Johnny meant well, but I’m not sure the guy who’s been possessed by the devil for months trying to convince someone else he’s not going crazy was the best idea.

I joked about Sarah overreacting to Nicole’s story, but I was on Sarah’s side for wanting to know the story in the first place. She doesn’t want to be blinded by something.

Hey! Salem PD found a suspect! Did Orpheus want to get caught?

I’m here for someone else making me scrambled eggs. I don’t know why, but they always taste better when someone else makes them.

Why Is Everyone Worried About Ava “Mafia Princess” Vitali Dating Johnny DiMera? Did they see the portrait hanging in the DiMera living room? Do they know Johnny’s aunt?

My DiMera Shares math game continues. Once the truth about Ava is revealed, who gets Johnny’s shares? Would they go see Stefan? Could they pretty please go to Viviane?!

The fall extended preview shows Jada passing out, which normally means a woman is pregnant. However, there is an illness that vanishes DAYS, and Jada becomes involved in the investigation. Maybe that’s why she fainted?

Gabi and Nicole are sisters-in-law, and the fact that they don’t meet for margaritas while their daughters play together in Rafe’s garden is a huge miss.

When Stefan mentioned he visited Marshmallow Chef EJ at the hospital, I could hear my partner, Tony, cheering on the internet.


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