Bringing Peace to Veterans Memorial Park, One Bird at a Time | Local News


American Legion Post 2 seeks to bring a sense of peace to Veterans Memorial Park in Earlington. The project, known as Project Songbird, started in fall 2020 and is still an ongoing effort. It all started with cleaning up the park, repainting the flagpoles, cleaning up trash, debris and weeds, and creating a rose garden, complete with roses, chrysanthemums and sweet potato vines.

“The condition of the park was horrible. It was absolutely embarrassing. We knew we had to do something to clean it up, ”Spencer Brewer, commanding officer of the Sons of American Legion Post 2 at Earlington.

Once the park had been cleaned up, with a new flower garden and freshly painted flag poles, the idea came to bring in birds. Feeders were therefore erected and placed in the park last summer, with the aim of bringing in butterflies and hummingbirds, which was a success.

With this seasonal success in mind, the Legion wanted to continue expanding the area and decided to try and attract songbirds. Additional traditional bird feeders were placed throughout the park, filled with birdseed, and of course songbirds came to enjoy the feeders. Blue jays, cardinals and domestic finches now frequent feeders and about every three days the feeders are completely empty.

“We relied on the expertise of Erica Wood, a horticultural specialist in Hopkins County. She advised us how to set up the gardens and what to plant.

If you are interested in volunteering with this ongoing project, please contact Spencer Brewer, 270-754-9317. If you would like to donate in the form of bird feeders or bird seed, please visit Ann Gipson at 207 E. Main Street, Earlington. For all monetary donations, please send direct to American Legion Post 2, PO Box 233, Earlington, KY 42410.

Updates to the Veterans Memorial Park are meant to bring peace and comfort to those who have served our country. Everyone’s efforts to revitalize the park are appreciated and do not go unnoticed. It is now a place the City of Earlington can be proud of.


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