Britney Spears shares ‘symbolic’ video of birds flying free from cages

Through Brent Furdyk.

4 hours ago

Britney Spears fans won’t have to read between the lines to know the meaning of a new video she shared on social media.

On December 31, Spears closed 2021 by posting a video to Instagram in which dozens of birds are simultaneously released from the cages.

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The camera then follows their flight, with Spears equating the freedom of the birds to what she is experiencing now after her 13-year tutorship ends.

“SYMBOLIC of my year this year 👗👗👗👙👙👙 !!!!! ⁣”, she wrote in the caption.

In November, a judge ended the guardianship that had allowed Spears’ father Jamie to take complete control of his finances and all other aspects of his life for more than a decade.

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Spears celebrated her regained freedom with a tweet, saying it was her “best day ever.”

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