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Baron Geisler and child actress Althea Ruedas deliver heartfelt performances

Mavx Productions has mastered creating heartwarming films, showing Filipino values ​​in a foreign land. Take Finding Agnes (2020) with Sue Ramirez and Jelson Bay, shot in Marrakech, Morocco, and A distant land (2021) with Paolo Contis and Yen Santos, shot in the Faroe Islands, part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Last week, doll house directed by Marla Ancheta topped Netflix’s top movies in the Philippines. Destination of the film: Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

‘Doll House’ stars Baron Geisler and child actress Althea Ruedas

A mature Yumi (Mary Joy Apostol) goes to a nursing home in search of her “best friend” – a wheelchair-bound Rustin (Baron Geisler) suffering from the effects of a stroke and forgetfulness.

The film, which runs for an hour and 46 minutes, is a series of flashbacks documenting Rustin’s life struggles. Rustin at the top of his game is the lead singer of a rock band. From his carefree attitude, alcohol and drugs are not far away. Rustin’s enlightenment to “correct” his past mistakes comes when his teammate, Diego (Alwyn Uytingco) overdoses.

The son of a general, Rustin escaped unscathed and flew to Rotterdam. We meet Sheena (Izah Hankammer), a nurse that Rustin falls madly in love with, offering her marriage. The two become a couple until we see Rustin’s true color.

Phi Palmos, Baron Geisler and Althea Ruedas

Rustin adopts a fake persona and changes his name to Clyde when he comes across Bok or Ganda (Phi Palmos), who needs help carrying boxes. The two click on discovering that they are from the same country. Clyde is introduced to a young Yumi played by promising young actress Althea Ruedas.

Clyde becomes a “babysitter” as the lovely character, Ganda, has plenty of errands for him. He auditions for a band making Yumi promise that their concert is a “secret”. Why? If Yumi’s family takes over the trip, he will be forbidden to see her.

Baron Geisler as Rustin

Yumi and Clyde form a bond. “My dream is to become a singer,” says the child. She asks him to go to the school audition. It’s music to Clyde’s ears even if she sings out of tune. They train hard, even copying the water drum regimen of Songbird (Regine Velasquez) in a cold continent!

Things take a turn when Ganda finds out that Clyde is the same badass, irresponsible, drug-addicted, good-for-nothing Rustin who left Sheena during her pregnancy and was even absent at her funeral.

Ganda and her aunt mom order Yumi not to be with Rustin. The obstinate Yumi becomes a “clandestine” and even knocks on Rustin’s door. Surprise! The vice-filled Rustin takes the opportunity to “kidnap” Yumi but promises to bring her to the school audition.

Rustin confesses, “Tomorrow, after the auditions, might be the last day I see you.” He desperately wants Yumi to never forget him. “But I don’t want tomorrow to be our last day,” Yumi replies.

Father and daughter bonding before audition

Yumi continues the auditions singing “Pangako” (music and lyrics by Ogie Alcasid and Manilyn Reynes), but the results are not favorable to her. The juxtaposition of Yumi singing in an ideal dream situation and the coming reality creates an impact that life is not a bed of roses.

How can a hurt father redeem himself? No matter what Rustin has done, through Yumi’s eyes, he’s still the best friend she longs to be with. But in the adult world, a man’s pleas for a second chance sometimes fall on deaf ears.

Do you need a box of tissues in this movie? Yes, Baron and Althea’s performances would give you both heartfelt pain and joy as the two attempt to mend and rekindle their broken relationship.

The foreseeable fate of Rustin leads him to the hospital, without reaction. Yumi visits her crying and sad that her best friend isn’t waking up. Years pass and we see adult Yumi in present time. “Hindi mo ba talaga ako naalala (You don’t remember me at all)?” she asks an old man.

Yumi sees a room full of dollhouses of different shapes and sizes. “Gawa ko yan para sa best friend ko (I did all this for my best friend),” Rustin explains.

That’s all Yumi and the audience need. Do you need a box of tissues in this movie? Yes, Baron and Althea’s performances would give you both heartfelt pain and joy as the two attempt to mend and rekindle their broken relationship.

doll house is streaming on Netflix.



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