Captain America’s Secret Bond With Marvel Vampires Created The Next Falcon

Captain America’s contact with the vampiric ended up strengthening the Second Falcon in a way that’s sadly not possible in the MCU.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, there is an often forgotten link between Sam Wilson’s Captain America and vampires – the one who influenced the version of Falcon who followed Sam in the role – but unfortunately it is not possible to fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Blade has been heralded as one of the next Marvel characters to join the ranks of the MCU, with vampires having already been blasted into the MCU after Owen Wilson’s character Mobius mentioned them in the series. Loki. As vampires head into the MCU, fans of the Marvel movies and shows will be introduced to their deep lore that is rooted in the comics, although Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres are unlikely to be a part of it.


In The all new Captain America # 5 by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen, Sam Wilson’s pet bird, Redwing, is bitten by vampire Baron Blood. After the bird’s exposure, Redwing carries the vampiric gene, which gives the Heroic Hawk healing powers and an added advantage in battle. After defeating Blood, Sam notices Redwing’s change in appearance and abilities, but accepts that even though his sidekick is now a vampiric, their bond remains. But the change didn’t just influence Captain America’s staunch bird – it’s tied to the origin of how another hero (who already exists in the movies) acquired his powers.

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Sadly, in the MCU, Redwing is a drone, not a true hawk. If a vampire bit the MCU’s red wing, nothing would happen except Sam having a broken drone and a vampire with a toothache. So far, Marvel’s decision to turn Redwing into a drone for the movies hasn’t had much of an impact on fans of the original version of the comic. Now, however, with Sam Wilson assuming the mantle of Captain America and Blade being ushered into the universe, Marvel may have shot himself in the foot by ruling out the possibility of such a connection. Additionally, the MCU also cast another aspect of Redwing’s vampiric affliction when it comes to the new Falcon, which has just been introduced to the MCU.

In the comics, Joaquin Torres takes on the role of Falcon after Sam Wilson becomes the all-new Captain America. Torres made his MCU debut in the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – played by Danny Ramirez – in which he was teased that he would also become the new Falcon in the MCU. In the comics, however, Torres is experimented with and enhanced with actual bird DNA taken from Redwing – and with Redwing’s DNA, Torres was also given part of the vampiric gene. Given that Redwing is a drone in the MCU, he certainly cannot convey vampire traits, shattering the character’s original origin, as well as any potential ties that might have strengthened the ties between mainstream films in the MCU. and the incoming crop of more horror-focused characters like Blade.

Captain America Vampire Falcon (1)

While the decision to make Redwing a drone in the MCU initially seemed inconsequential, it seems a number of now-impossible-to-tell stories that would otherwise have been great additions to the world of movies and shows. television station from Marvel. Captain America and the new one FalconMarvel’s secret connection to Marvel’s vampires is not possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all because Redwing is a drone instead of a living hawk.

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