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Some artists surprise us with a new musical direction they haven’t heard of in a while (Kilo Kish) while some artists up their game (Grimes). While some artists come back after a while (Ella Mai, AWA and Lava La Rue). It might not be too long in Lava’s case, but you know how fast time flies in this music industry.

We also discover highly anticipated golden collaborations between much-loved artists such as Charli XCX and Rina, and Mae Muller and J Balvin.

1. Grimes – Shinigami Eyes

Grimes releases his second single from the upcoming album “Book 1”. With a cyber punk sound and playful lyrics referencing the famous anime and manga called “Death Note”, “Shinigami Eyes” is a step ahead with its ambition and uniqueness compared to its previous song “Player of Games”. , musically decent but lyrically clunky. .

2. Charli XCX – Beg For You (feat. Rina Sawayama)

The two queens of pop are teaming up for a collaboration that will please both angels and pixels. Charli and Rina indulge us with a 90s-style British garage and two-stage production with an EDM-flavored chorus. With her latest singles, an upcoming album cover and a fashion photo shoot, Charli is gradually ushering in the return of the retro 90s aesthetic and it’s absolutely delightful to see.

3. Tove Lo – How Long (from “Euphoria”)

The Swedish singer joins the club involving Billie Eilish and Rosalía by doing a song for the hit HBO show “Euphoria.” “How Long” Is Right In Lo’s Way Because It Has A Dark, Edgy Side

and a seductive vibe, perfectly suited to the popular teen drama. In fact, the intro notes are reminiscent of “you’re going to tell him” from Tove Lo.

4. Ella Mai – DFMU

The return of the R&B songbird is near. Ella Mai is sensual, calm, cool and assured in this return to form. Lyrically, it’s very much in Ella’s usual way with the English singer talking about relationship issues, mind games and the weariness surrounding potential breakups and betrayals.

5. Raveena – Secret (with Vince Staples)

After much teasing and speculation, Raveena has finally revealed the secret art, name, and concept behind her upcoming album, “Asha’s Awakening.” Telling the story of a Sikh space princess and her interplanetary adventures, the second track on this thrilling disc is ‘Secret’. “Secret” is a shimmering dance floor with a dancehall-inspired beat. Raveena really shines in this romantic and sultry song, as does rapper Vince Staples in his memorable feature.

6. Kilo Kish – NEW TRICKS: ART, AESTHETICS AND MONEY (feat. Vince Staples)

“New Tricks” is perhaps one of Kilo’s most abstract pieces. It’s a hyper-pop sound with a sharp, almost uncomfortable harshness and volume. Kilo gently raps over an aggressive beat about money, glamor and more. His two previous singles were

musically more conventional and this unexpected sonic twist makes us even more intrigued by Kish’s future body of music.

7. Lava La Rue – Vest & Boxer

The R&B singer and rapper gives us a 90s pop-punk/rock sound. Here, La Rue is more mature with a defined character and a confidence that seems beyond their years. La Rue knows musically which direction they are headed and we are happy to be part of this artist’s journey.

8. AWA – Who asks

The Swedish singer returns to offer us this confident, seductive and groovy R&B track. Awa Santesson-Sey is hugely underrated and it’s high time the world discovered the eye-catching musical catalog of this daring 24-year-old.

9. Japanese Breakfast – Nobody Sees Me Like You

Michelle Zauner covers Yoko Ono’s classic song as part of the upcoming Yoko Ono tribute album, “Ocean Child: Songs of Yoko Ono.” Organized and produced by Ben Gibbard, the album is meant to overturn the distorted negative perception of the infamous artist.

10. Miraa May, Stefflon Don – Big Woman

Miraa and Stefflon team up for an uplifting R&B song with trap beats about body positivity, assertiveness and self-care.

11. Anthony de la Torre – Loss of confidence

Anthony has a splendid voice that he unfolds in this poignant and powerful pop song. The build is super intriguing to listen to, but this author is on the fence when it comes to the daily chorus.

12. Hater – Something

The four-piece indie band from Mälmo, Sweden deliver an organically comfortable soft-rock melody to comfort fans of indie music.

13. ATARASHII GAKKO! – Free your mind (Spanish version)

It’s interesting to see the Japanese girl group sing a Spanish version of their high-energy rock track “Free Your Mind.” As far as Spanish pronunciation and accent go, there’s a lot to improve on, but it’s endearing to see this pop/rock quartet making an effort towards cultural appreciation and inclusivity.

14. AUDREY NUNA – rebound

The Korean-American rapper from New Jersey continues her brilliant and smashing debut mixtape by dropping the deluxe version. Introducing you, ‘a liquid breakfast DELUXE’. The deluxe is an excellent sequel, musically complementing Nuna’s artistic vision.

15. Sinéad Harnett – Let Go

The “Ready Is Always Too Late (Deluxe)” is out now. Thai-British singer Sinéad Harnett absolutely shines in this remarkable pop-R&B song with a slow, subdued tempo.

16. Mae Muller X NEIKED XJ Balvin – Better Days (feat. Polo G)

Mae Muller’s biggest hit to date gets a remake, this time with a feature from Latin star J Balvin giving us a swooning verse in Spanish. But by including verses from Mae, Balvin and Polo each, “Better Days” feels a bit too much long. Perhaps we could do without the role of Polo in this single song?

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