Children’s performer Lindsay Munroe to release “Frogs and Birds” on August 27


Raffi’s label Troubadour Music announces the upcoming release of award-winning Lindsay Munroe’s Frogs and Birds. Lindsay is joined on many songs by Raffi, who also produced the album.

Emanating from encouragement, understanding, and genuine respect for children of all abilities, these 14 catchy tunes glow with sweet sincerity, as Lindsay and Raffi’s vocals weave a texture that effortlessly shifts from melody to melody. harmony.

July 7 marks the release of the album’s title track as the first single from Frogs and Birds, as well as the start of pre-orders for the digital and CD versions of the full album, which will be released via Craft Recordings at United States August 27, 2021. Click HERE to pre-order.

The title song is a duet with Lindsay and her daughter Mem. “Frogs and Birds” is a tender and singing tune about the consideration of others. Mother and daughter alternate verses first, then join for a collective chorus, with Raffi mingling in the final chorus.

Mother of three autistic children, Lindsay Munroe is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. Munroe’s warmth and deep sensitivity to children with special needs informs the songs about Frogs and Birds, which she and Raffi have created for all children, but especially those who are neurodiverse, as well as their families and children. teachers who embrace inclusion in the classroom. Songs like “Faces Show Our Feelings”, “Flexible and Easy Going”, “Feelings Like the Weather”, “Very Funny Things” and “Take a Breath” (a self-regulating song written by Raffi in 2016) are musically exceptional. , in styles ranging from folk to jazz. The songs offer practical tools to help children improve their social skills and independence through kindness and caring.

As the first Lindsay Munroe / Raffi collaboration, I Am Kind, Frogs and Birds, winner of the 2020 NAPPA Award, was produced by Raffi, whose skillful instrumentals (guitar, ukulele, electric piano, etc.) enhance the album and whose the soothing harmonies perfectly complement Lindsay Munroe’s crystal-clear voice.

“It was an absolute joy to work with the incomparable Raffi on this second album,” says Lindsay Munroe. “I’m so excited that this music is yours. I imagine your children singing and enjoying the melodies as they learn important lessons about kindness, acceptance and understanding. I hope these songs uplift and bring joy to everyone who is listening.

“Lindsay Munroe’s voice is a cry of compassion,” says Raffi. “His new songs sound like an emotional intelligence tutorial, playful and inspiring. We had a lot of fun recording the Frogs and Birds album, the kids and their families will love it.

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