Date gifts are all the rage


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According to Google Analytics’s Keyword Planner, consumers search for home party topics between 10,000 and 100,000 times per month on average, as well as “winter date ideas” and “date ideas”. fall ”have been tagged as rising research trends. To harness that interest (and help shoppers spice things up), create an inspiring gift display themed with different home date ideas, or bundle similar items together to sell as a ‘date in one’ gift. box “. Here, we explore four romantic date ideas that would make an inspirational vignette, whether it’s for a creative winter date, Valentine’s Day, or year-round reflection.

Breakfast in bed

A thoughtful morning meeting sets the tone for the rest of the day. Encourage patrons to plan a “breakfast in bed” surprise for their loved one with the perfect serving tray, citrus scented candle, coffee treats, easy-to-make breakfast mixes and more.

Indoor picnic

A blanket, picnic basket, flower scented candle, and other themed gifts set the stage for a lovely indoor picnic that brings all the movie-grade romance and none of the bugs.

Spa Day at Home

A sultry spa day could be the treat for two love birds looking to relax and spend some quality disconnected time together. With the right scent, comfortable clothes, and luxurious bath products, any home can be transformed into a hot tub that boosts the heat.

Happy Hour Private

With lingering anxiety about going out, many couples might choose to stick around for an upscale drink instead of going to a crowded lounge bar or restaurant. From cocktail mixes to upscale loungewear, these gifts will help set the stage for a private Happy Hour.

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