Derek Stingley Jr. has Philly in his blood

Unless something drastically changes over the next few weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles will enter the 2022 NFL Draft without a clear player in place as CB2.

Now granted, maybe this is intended. Maybe Howie Roseman is feeling really confident about his 2021 fourth-round pick, Zech McPhearsonor watched Tay Gowan put in some really impressive performances in training on the home stretch last fall.

…or maybe the Eagles have three selections before pick 20 and are confident a plug-and-play cornerback will be on the board at 15.

Between you and me, let’s hope it’s the latter.

While the birds probably won’t have a choice of litter when they finally go on the clock about two hours after Thursday night, like at least one nook, Gardner Sauce, will likely have been selected in the top 10, there should still be some really good players on the board who can don midnight green and make an immediate impact right out the door. Among the potential options in play at 15, Derek Stingley Jr. may well be the most appealing, as he has a game tailored to the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive scheme.

Derek Stingley Jr. had a game that Philadelphia Eagles fans will love.

What do the Philadelphia Eagles want in a starting outside cornerback?

For starters, Jonathan Gannon is looking for tall, long defensive backs who can press the line of scrimmage and make plays on the ball with an outstretched hand before it reaches a receiver’s catch radius. Ideally, Gannon would also like to secure a player with experience running a man and zone system, with the athleticism required to stay with his receiver in mirror cover on the ball and the necessary instincts. to get the correct readings.

While steven nelson played more of his snaps on the ball than rushing to the line of scrimmage, it had more to do with his preferred style of play than what Gannon would like to do. In a perfect world, both corners would play like Darius Killwho regularly threw hands once the ball was broken.

Last but not least, the Birds surely wouldn’t mind looking for a cornerback who could drop the hammer on ballhandlers either after the catch or as extra support from the run. In a league where some cornerbacks prefer to play a game of finesse, securing a bruiser who can tackle above average is an asset that could prove to be the difference between a touchdown and a turnover on downs.

Fortunately, plenty of cornerbacks fit that mold in the 2022 NFL Draft, with none more impressive than LSU’s Derek Stingley Jr..

Standing 6ft, 190 with long arms and a mature build, Stingley quickly gained national notoriety for his ‘my ball’ mentality and exceptional ability to attack the ball in the air. Starting for Ed Orgeron’s defense as a true freshman, Stingley had six passes, defended 15 and recorded 38 total tackles on his way to a national championship and a consensus All-Team berth. -American. Although his game never quite reached that level of “showtime” again, as he only appeared in seven games in 2020 and three more in 2021 before losing the year to injury from Lisfranc, Stingley rarely recorded a bad game during his time at Baton. Rouge and allowed just 834 yards and seven touchdowns on 129 targets in 25 games.

When you consider the schedule LSU played in 2019 en route to the CFP National Champion game, it’s pretty impressive.

If transplanted into a midnight green uniform, adorned with his collegiate number 24 or a new single-digit number in the junior season, Stingley could immediately line up opposite. Avonte Maddox and Kill as the Philadelphia Eagles CB2 and give the team their best one-two-three punch since the Bobby Taylor, Troy Vincentand Sheldon Brown. Stingley can immediately play any coverage the Eagles throw his way, provide running support as a more-into-space tackle, and even serve as the occasional perimeter blitzer, which neither Slay nor Nelson can. were tasked with doing in 2022.

Assuming Stingley doesn’t turn in an all-time poor showing — or an all-time good showing — at LSU’s Pro Day on April 6, he could very well be in play to be drafted by Philadelphia with one. of their first-round picks at the end of the month, which would be a looping moment for a player with a long line of professional athletes in his family.

Fun fact: Did you know that Derek Stingley Sr. was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 1993? Philly runs in LSU DB blood, folks.

Will some talent evaluators give him a break for having a well-documented injury history? Of course, Lisfranc’s injury is no joke, as is the leg injury he suffered in 2020. But Derek Stingley Jr.’s talent is so transcendent, and his game is so ready for the level. NFL that a team in need of a big, long man-pressed cornerback shouldn’t think too much about making him a first-round pick. If Stingley falls to the Philadelphia Eagles at 15, his selection would be a home run, as he would give the team two Pro Bowl-caliber corners to build their short-term defense and a possible replacement for Darius Slay as a CB1. from the future. After watching his father fail to make it to the big club nearly 30 years ago, Stingley could forge his own legacy in the City of Brotherly Love and become the franchise-caliber player worthy of credit.

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