Diffractive Waveguide Pioneer Dispelix Announces R&D Partnership with Advanced MicroLED Manufacturer JBD for Several Next-Gen AR Eyewear Reference Designs

ESPOO, Finland and SHANGHAI, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dispelix™ (Espoo) – a pioneer in the design and manufacture of next-generation diffractive waveguides – today announced that it has entered into a long-term partnership with the respected light engine supplier AR Jade Bird Displays (JBD) to develop a family of new reference designs for augmented reality (AR) glasses and headsets at multiple price points.

Developed through intensive collaboration, the new models combine JBD’s state-of-the-art MicroLED projector family with the Dispelix LED – an industry-leading pantoscopic waveguide with advanced nanotechnology coating. JBD and Dispelix have brought together their respective expertise in MicroLED displays, light engines and diffractive waveguide combiners – including at least one state-of-the-art model combining binocular waveguides and full-color MicroLED projectors.

The MicroLED engine used in the flagship reference design is JBD’s AmµLED™ MicroLED projectors for smart glasses, monochrome and full color projector development kits are also available. These are all designed to help OEMs and partners in their rapid development, evaluation and prototyping of branded smart glasses (as well as other augmented reality (AR) products and solutions).

The monochrome projector is only 0.35 cm3 in volume, has a 30° field of view, weighs a nominal 0.60 grams and is available in red, green and blue. It can be used for the development of monochrome smart glasses or it can be used in RGB waveguides with multiple input couplers for full color applications.

The full color projector is only 1.3 cc in volume, has an FOV of 30° and nominally weighs 2.3 grams. In the full-color module projector, an X-cube prism is used to combine the images of three individual monochrome panels attached to the faces of the X-cube prism. Monochrome and polychrome projectors are focused at infinity.

“JBD has launched a number of innovative MicroLED display and projector solutions that are engineered into end products such as smart glasses, holographic sights, and AR sports glasses,” said Dr. Qiming Li, CEO and Founder of JBD. “We are currently expanding our production facilities to meet the unprecedented demand for our MicroLED displays and projectors. Our success has only been made possible with the simultaneous launch of innovative solutions by our partners and a stellar example is the guide of “Dispelix LED Waves. Our full-color projector combined with the LED waveguide will allow OEMs to quickly transform into small form factor, aesthetically pleasing wearable AR devices that are suitable for everyday use.”

Leon BaruahDirector of Sales and Marketing at JBD added “As a manufacturer of MicroLED displays and light engines, we have always appreciated the importance of our waveguide partners as their inventions complement our offering and are essential to the success of the AR industry Dispelix LED Waveguide is a truly innovative solution and at first light with our AmµLED™ Full Color MicroLED Projector we knew we had a compelling solution Dispelix LED is a versatile platform allowing for a number of possibilities in terms of possible FOVs and waveguide profiles, but what is most striking is the amazing image quality observable through the waveguide with our full color projector.”

“Dispelix is ​​very pleased to finally unveil its partnership with JBD – the end result of joint R&D activities that enable the next generation of AR glasses,” said Jussi Rahomaki, Chief Product Officer at Dispelix. “Working with a manufacturer with JBD’s reputation for lightweight engine innovation means that a wide range of ODM/OEM manufacturers can finally enter the booming AR eyewear market with an extraordinary and differentiated set of different models of Dispelix LED combined with AmµLED means the ideal visual fidelity is both achieved and consistently maintained for an exceptional, distortion-free and incredibly lightweight reference design.”

About Dispelix:

Dispelix is ​​a designer and manufacturer of advanced waveguides, providing next-generation visual solutions for consumer and enterprise AR and MR handheld devices. The company’s patented DPX waveguides deliver unparalleled image quality, performance, and visual fidelity, combined with mass-scale manufacturing for even the largest vendors. Led by the world’s most sought-after experts in optics, photonics and manufacturing, Dispelix is ​​headquartered in the technology center of Espoo, Finland with field offices everywhere United States, China and Taiwan. Learn more about dispelix.com.

About the jade bird display:

Founded in 2015, JBD has focused on developing the smallest, brightest and most efficient micro display panels. With a fab established at Shanghai, China, JBD is considered one of the leaders in microLED display technology with its portfolio of active matrix microLED displays. For more information, visit the JBD website, Linkedin or Twitter pages.

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