Exly: empowering creators to build businesses

Exly is a high-tech platform designed for creators and professionals to launch, manage and grow their online business

EXLY is a new era platform that helps creators launch, manage and grow their business. “It’s a unique solution for professionals to fuel their passion and establish a strong online presence,” says Sidharth Rawat, co-founder of Exly. Previously known as MyScoot, it was conceptualized and established by Suyash Sinha, Sidharth Rawat, Akhil Tripathi, along with other founding team members – Swati Singh, Tanveer Chawla and Yash Gupta. The central idea behind this company is to enable creators and skilled professionals to harness their unique talents and create business and full-time employment opportunities.

“While the pandemic has hit the world hard and caused people to rethink their way of life, and many have been impacted financially, it has also been a great catalyst for a creator economy and has driven it up. ‘up a notch,” says Rawat. Some of these people were using our platform (MyScoot) to make ends meet. We spoke with over 100 of these creators, understood their pain points, and decided to create a platform that helps them get online quickly and run their business efficiently. »

Exly helps its “Exlypreneurs” create stunning websites in less than five minutes, run their business efficiently through a robust CRM that captures, segments and engages leads, facilitates transparent payments, analyzes their traffic and performance, and complete growth marketing suite to execute. email marketing, early bird deals and discount codes to grow smart. According to Rawat, traditional platforms are not suitable for monetizing and creating sustainable livelihoods for creators and professionals. It’s an unfair dynamic where creators rent audiences from big tech platforms and are at the mercy of their algorithms that change from time to time. For all the hard work they end up doing, they get underpaid, if paid at all.

“Creators need to have their own community on the internet,” says Rawat. “Giving creators ownership (both economic and political) can address many issues related to creator mental health, job burnout, and income instability anxiety. Being creator-friendly stems from ownership. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve at Exly,” he says, adding, “Exly has created an efficient and easy-to-use platform where professionals can directly monetize their expertise while forging a brand identity.

Over the past 10 months, creators have earned over $1 million through the Exly platform. “In the three months of going live, creators on the platform grew 3x on average, and in some cases we saw creators grow more than 10x using the platform and leaving their full-time job to pursue their passion,” he said. .

Exly is a Y-Combinator startup (2019 batch) and had raised $1.7m from venture capital fund Mayfield Partners and renowned angel investors like Kunal Shah (Cred Founder, ex-Freecharge Founder), Maninder Gulati (Director of Global Strategy at OYO), among others.

According to Rawat, the domain expertise of today’s creators spans various verticals like health and wellness, astrology and tarot card readers, bakers, fashion experts and lifestyle, financial coaches and many others who want to monetize their passion. “Our vision is to empower these creators and professionals to become entrepreneurs by providing them with the best platform and services to launch, manage and grow their business online,” he adds.

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