Fleetwood Mac Christine McVie song completed in 30 minutes

Fleetwood Mac member Christine McVie is the songwriter of “Songbird”, creating the Rumors song in 30 minutes. Here’s what we learned about that original song — and some of its meaning.

Christine McVie appeared as a songwriter for Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie of British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac performing live at Pinkpop Festival 2019 | Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto via Getty Images

They are the band behind “Dreams”, “The Chain” and “Go Your Own Way”. Along with Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie appeared in Fleetwood Mac. She has worked as a singer, keyboardist and composer.

In fact, McVie is one of the songwriters behind “Don’t Stop”, “You Make Loving Fun”, and “Say You Love You”. She is also the sole composer behind “Songbird”, a ballad included in Fleetwood Mac’s Rumor.

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Christine McVie wrote ‘Songbird’ in 30 minutes – and it was the only Fleetwood Mac song she wrote in that time frame

McVie co-wrote “The Chain” with fellow members of Fleetwood Mac. During a Raised On Radio interview, McVie commented on one of his most popular original songs. It was “Songbird,” a track she wrote in record time.

“It’s the one and only song that I wrote and finished in half an hour, in the middle of the night – it was the middle of the night,” McVie said. “And I woke up and I had a little piano in my room but no tape recorder. No way to record it.

“But I had the lyrics, the melody, the chords – everything [was] done in half an hour,” she continued. “But it was 3 a.m., so I had to stay up all night not to forget it.”

She was “terrified” to forget, so she called someone at 9 a.m. to get a tape recorder. Unsurprisingly, McVie said the band loved it. In the final recorded version, McVie sings and plays the piano.

went out with Rumors, this track remains one of the most popular on the album, earning over 80 million Spotify plays. In the same interview, the artist said that “Songbird” was not about a specific person. Accordingly, it can be an “anthem” for anyone.

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What is Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Songbird’ about?

According to Song Facts, “Songbird” could be interpreted as a song about self-sacrifice. The lyrics are about true love between the narrator and another person, with a songbird singing “like it knows the score”.

“For you there will be no more crying,” the first verse states. “For you the sun will shine / And I feel when I’m with you / It’s alright, I know it’s alright.”

McVie explained that she wrote this song from another person’s perspective, adding that it was about “everyone”. Now, music from Fleetwood Mac, including “Songbird”, is available on most major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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