Funny names for your pet

Category 2: Fictitious personal names

If you’re more attached to the characters than the creators, pick a favorite and see if it suits your pet. For female pets, you have options like Carol, Pepper, Lois, Misty, Kitty, Jean, or Mari. On the male side, try Bruce, Matt, Clark, Tony, Hank, Reed, Arthur or Oliver.

If you’re less inclined to be subtle, you can choose the character’s superhero name instead of their secret identity. This gives you options like Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Starfire, Bucky, Daredevil, Zatanna, Flash, Hulk, or Shazam. (Bonus points for naming your Namor fish or Black Canary bird.) Or, if you prefer baddies, try something like Penguin, Doctor Doom, Metallo, or Kingpin. But try to avoid villains that look too much like real-life villains – no one wants to go to the dog park and be confronted by a dog named Red Skull.

If you really want your pet to stand out, you can give it both a first and last name, like Miles Morales, Sue Storm, Guy Gardner, or Riri Williams. (This also works with category 1 names, eg Jack Kirby instead of just Jack or just Kirby.)

If you have more than one pet, Category 2 provides fun opportunities for themed names. Think Wanda and Pietro, Beetle and Booster, or Diana and Nubia.

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