Gay Sydney Penguins Celebrate Three Years Together

Gay penguins Sphen and Magic fell in love in 2018 when Sphen presented Magic with a “Special Stone”, and the rest is history. According to Pink News, the two were looking to start a family and even attempted to incubate a rock. When Sea Life Sydney caretakers noticed the couple’s behavior, they gave them a real egg to raise which a heterosexual penguin couple were struggling to maintain. They took turns incubating the egg for 68 days before it finally hatched, welcoming their firstborn, Lara, into the world.

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Where are they now?

Since then, Lara has grown up and the penguin fathers have welcomed their second baby, a son named Clancy. The Guardians say that once Lara has her own baby, Sphen and Magic will become the first gay penguin grandparents.

Their relationship is strong as they navigate the move and their third breeding season together.

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The strongest couple on the ice

In an update from the aquarium, penguin keeper Keira Ponting said, “They are a great example for the rest of the colony. They are inseparable and prove how strong bonds with penguins can be.

Ponting said the other penguins in the exhibit looked up to the pair and moved their nests closer to Sphen and Magic to “learn from the best”.

Gay penguins get famous

Sphen and Magic first shot to fame after appearing on Netflix’s acclaimed show “Atypical.” In season three, penguin lover Sam tells his sister Casey that he would be okay with her dating a girl because then “you’d be like Sphen and Magic, the two male gentoo penguins in the house. ‘Sea Life Sydney Aquarium’.

three year celebration

Sphen and Magic celebrated their three years together with a frozen fishcake shared with their neighbors.

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Gay penguin couples around the world

Sphen and Magic aren’t the first gay penguin parents found in a zoo. In New Zealand you will find two lesbian penguins named Thelma and Louise. Eduardo and Rio live happily together in San Francisco, and Inca and Rayas are parents at Faunia Park zoo in Madrid.

Sydney Aquarium’s Gay Penguins Celebrate Three Years Together

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