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By Meladi Brewer

To fight

Dec 3 9:20 a.m .: While on a high school patrol, the officer heard someone screaming fighting in the study room. Large numbers of the students were seen standing in a circle with the athletic director Mr. Shaffer standing near them. The two women in the altercation said they had had multiple verbal altercations since last year over one of the woman’s deceased boyfriends and other current boyfriends. The brawl erupted after the girls hit each other’s shoulders as they entered and left the same room. The two girls admitted to punching each other until other students separated them. Both women received a three-day suspension from school and a two-day suspension from school. The two women were also cited for disorderly conduct.


December 6, 2:04 p.m .: While in the hallway of Greenville High School, the officer heard a loud crashing noise from the girls’ washroom. After entering to investigate, the officer found the porcelain sink lying on the floor, broken into several pieces. The girls in the toilet said they didn’t know what had happened and were sent to the office. A woman entered the toilet claiming her ball was stuck to the ceiling. When asked if she had stood on the sink trying to retrieve the ball, she said another woman stood over it and jumped to retrieve the ball. When she landed on the sink, the sink fell to the floor and shattered. Another witness testified to the same story before the suspect admitted the story to be true. After speaking with Principe Brown, he felt that since the woman did not intentionally intend to drop and break the sink, criminal charges were unnecessary; however, the female will be responsible for the return of the sink, which is approximately $ 80.


December 1, 7:52 p.m.: A silver 2003 Chevy Impala was observed not using a turn signal and a traffic check was conducted. Operator Neil Fultz did not provide proof of insurance and responded to agents’ questions very quickly. A K9 was requested and a positive alert was triggered. Fultz refused a smack for the weapons and was detained for the safety of the officers. During the search of the vehicle, officers located a 9mm Hi-Point hidden under the driver’s seat of the listed vehicle ready for use. There were eight rounds in the magazine and one round in the loaded chamber. Fultz does not have a concealed weapon license and he did not notify the gun officer. Two Taylor digital scales with white powder residue, a transparent bag with an unknown crystalline substance, another transparent bag with an unknown powder substance, and a black leather gun holster were found. Fultz has previously been convicted of a threat, making the concealed weapon charge a fourth degree felony.

Wanted person

December 7 at 10:41 a.m .: Agents were dispatched to block 200 on rue Martin in reference to a wanted person inside the store. Jeremy Jones has an arrest warrant from the Greenville PD for failing to appear on the original charge of attempted robbery on $ 1,025 bail. He also has another warrant out of Logan County for child support and must serve 5 days without bond. Jones was arrested and transported to Darke County Jail.

December 7, 11:38 p.m.: While on patrol, an officer observed that a westbound vehicle did not use a flashing light and a traffic check was carried out. As the officer approached the vehicle, the front passenger door opened and Darren Callihan exited. Callihan has an active probation violation warrant on the original marijuana trafficking offense. The officer advised him three times to get back into the vehicle before Callihan began to flee and a chase broke out until he entered an alley south of the 200 block of East Fourth Street . Officers searched the area but Callihan was not located. A citation reference obstructing official business has been written to be served on Callihan when he is located.

December 8, 8:20 p.m .: Officers responded to a complaint about a wanted person in Block 1000 Wagner Avenue. Upon arrival, officers recognized that Dakota Long was exiting a nearby restroom and starting to walk towards the exit. Long has an active warrant for violating a court order for a driving while suspended without bail. The officer also has prior knowledge that Long was a suspect in a handgun stolen the day before. He was advised to turn around and put his hands behind his back, and he did not comply after several orders. Long was placed on the ground and handcuffed. Officers found a handgun that matched the description of the stolen weapon, and he advised he stole it for protection. While transported to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office jail where he was body scanned before being transported to Darke County Jail where he was handed over to staff.

December 8, 4:31 p.m.: A blue 2010 Ford Fusion was observed with a woman known to have a felony warrant in the passenger seat, so a roadside check was carried out. Julie Bath has an arrest warrant in Clermont County for aggravated drug possession. Bath was arrested and transported to Darke County Jail.

Dec. 9, 4:59 p.m .: Officers responded to a topic with an active warrant at the 400 block of Union Street. Noah Kissinger has an active warrant for failure to appear on the original charge of domestic violence without bail. Kissinger was on the porch smoking and was arrested.

December 11 1:48 p.m .: Officers responded to a wanted person at block 400 Wagner Avenue. Upon arrival, officers contacted Jacob Marando who has an active warrant for a probation violation on the original charge of vandalism. He was arrested and transported to Darke County Jail.

December 12, 3:47 a.m .: Officers observed Sarah Brown standing outside the Teaford dairy store. Brown is known to have an active arrest warrant for not appearing on a DUS charge with $ 4,000 bail. She was placed under arrest and transported to Darke County Jail.

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