Gunston Middle School sixth graders are KidsPost’s June class

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A group of sixth-graders from Luzdary Chamorro at Gunston Middle School in Arlington, Va., are KidsPost’s June class. The 23 students, who are learning science in Spanish as part of the school’s immersion program, love dogs, football and a wide variety of authors.

This is our last KidsPost class for this school year. But we plan to offer 10 additional classes from grades 2 to 7 for the 2022-2023 school year. Show your teacher in August for an updated questionnaire. Selected classes receive a KidsPost Chesapeake Bay or Journey to Space poster, a KidsPost pencil for each student, and a selection of books. Teachers can also get updates on KidsPost by signing up for our weekly email newsletter at

Favorite author and favorite book: Students are free thinkers when it comes to books and authors. Two chose Jeff Kinney and his Diary of a Wimpy Kid series as their favorites. But there were no duplicates among the other picks, which included Raina Telgemeier, Yusuke Murata, Shannon Hale and Stephan Pastis.

Favorite singer or musician: The largest number of students (5) could not choose a favorite, but two chose composer and rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda. Other musicians mentioned include K-pop superstars BTS, rock band Green Day and rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Favorite animal: Dogs were the best (animal) friends of these middle schoolers. Six picked them as their favorites because of their loyalty, intelligence, and sweet personalities. Birds received four votes, with hawks and crows singled out. And the monkeys, known for their curiosity, took third place with three votes.

Favorite sport (gambling) or hobby: Football and basketball are tied for first place, with five votes each. Baseball finished second with three votes. Snowboarding and softball tied for third with two votes each.

Place you would like to visit but haven’t yet: Paris, the capital of France, got three votes, ahead of Spain, Egypt, Australia and Las Vegas, Nevada (two each) as the preferred destination. Other students would like to visit Switzerland, Saudi Arabia or the Grand Canyon.

Foods you could eat every day of your life: The students went with the traditional favorites when it came to favorite food: burger, ice cream, mac and cheese, and pizza.

Work or profession when you grow up: The footballer is the number 1 career choice of these students. Four of them aim to play “the beautiful game” professionally. Two students would like to become doctors, and two want to be artists.

Global problem you would solve: This class had several interesting ideas (as well as a few silly ideas). Curing Cancer, Ending Hunger, and Stopping War related to the issues they most want to tackle. Solving climate change, treating refugees better and eliminating nuclear weapons were among other suggestions.

Person, living or dead, that you most admire: Athletes received the most votes, but students don’t have a clear favorite. They mentioned former footballers Tim HowardPele and Abby WambachBaseball player Jean Segura and swimmer Torri Huske. Huske is known as an Olympian, but she also has a connection to these kids. Not so long ago, she too was a middle schooler at Arlington.

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