Hallowe’en Sussex 2022: Bird & Blend Tea Co. in Brighton is holding a potion-making workshop – spooky fun for adults

Last week, to kick off the Halloween season, Bird & Blend Tea Co. stayed open after hours to host a potion-making and tea-tasting lock-up for adults.

Held at the company’s first-ever store, in Gardiner Street, Brighton, the event invited ‘budding potions’ to enjoy an evening of seasonal tea tasting where experts in tea mixology teased them guided through a sensory experience.

Shortly after my sister and I arrived at the event and checked in, we were treated to a Butter Brew tea cocktail, which could be non-alcoholic or personalized with a spirit of your choice.

We were then told a bit about the history of the brand, which was started by couple Krisi and Mike, who met while studying politics at university. They started packing tea in their room and hitting markets, creating Bird & Blend from scratch.

Later, we tasted other seasonal teas, such as fairy powder tea and blue raspberry tea.

It was such a fun and sociable experience. We were in a small group of ten which meant there was a good atmosphere and everyone felt comfortable chatting and asking questions.

Danii, the store manager and our Halloween host for the evening, was so welcoming and knowledgeable. They told us all about the different ways to brew tea – it’s not just about pouring hot water over a tea bag.

Then at the end of the night we were given a £10 voucher to spend on whatever we liked in the shop. I chose a few black teas – black forest cake and monkey chops. I have plans for cold brews and tea concentrates. And if you want to know what they are, you should definitely sign up for a future lockdown mixology or tea party experience.

Bird & Blend is hosting another Halloween event on Thursday, October 27. The spook-tacular lockdown will be broadly similar to the potions event, but with the option to try Indie PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) and campfires and tea vampires.

I normally don’t mind Halloween, but this was definitely a fun themed party I could get on board with. Why should kids have fun during spooky season?

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