Here’s what the DEC suggests you do

The bears emerged from their dens in upstate New York and appeared on several Ring doorbell videos as they smashed bird feeders.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation advises residents to remove bird feeders and secure garbage to avoid potential conflicts.

Bird feeders, unsecured garbage, and outdoor pet food and livestock can all attract bears. Repeated access to bird feeders and garbage can make bears more adventurous, seeking additional human food sources inside vehicles or buildings, especially when natural foods are scarce.

Intentionally feeding bears is illegal. Unintentional feeding in bird feeders and unsecured waste has consequences for communities and can ultimately be fatal to the bear if the bear becomes a greater threat to people and property after exposure to these food sources.

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People should clean up any leftover birdseed now, start storing trash in secure buildings until collection morning, and feed pets inside. By taking these steps, New Yorkers can help ensure that bears find food naturally, which protects people, property and bears.

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