Here’s What You Didn’t Know About BTS Member V’s Solo Songs

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Kim Tae-hung, better known as V, is a member of South Korean boy band BTS. He is a singer and also a songwriter. In a recent interview, the singer revealed the stories behind some of his most beloved solo songs.

“Winter Bear”: V’s song, “Winter Bear” released in 2019 begins with “She looks like a blue parrot / Would you come fly to me?” He used a blue parrot as a twist on the blue bird of hope. He said, “The lyrics originally said ‘blue bird’ instead of ‘blue parrot’ instead of a blue parrot. A blue bird, of course, is a symbol of hope. I tweaked the expression slightly and changed it to a parrot. A blue parrot could be a symbol of hope, its background or the moment you have it. I found something hopeful in my mind at the time, so this expression kept coming to mind.

‘Singularity’: Podgy revealed how they recorded V’s song ‘Singularity’ in the dark with the lights off, which makes the song more ‘seductive’. Podgy said, “It’s extremely difficult to groove on a song like ‘Singularity’ when the rhythm has a kind of looseness and there are so many complex parts. Above all, it had to be attractive, so we even turned off all the lights when we recorded it.

“Stigma”: His song “Stigma” is his first solo and also one of his most heartbreaking. He said, “…the youngster in ‘Stigma’ went through ‘Singularity’ and ‘Inner Child’ and grew.”

“Sweet Night”: V said of his song, “I had the title ‘Sweet Night’ before it was part of the Itaewon Class soundtrack. I was eating with one of the actors and he m happened to play the song for them. It was called “Danbam” [literally, ‘sweet night’], just like the pub in the series. It was pure luck. (laughs) The lyrics were written after the song was chosen for the soundtrack, so I put in some references to the show”.

Source: Koreaboo

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