How Bird’s move to Alaska will impact the Brown family

Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown chooses to move out of the homestead. She returns to Alaska after the death of Billy’s Brown.

Bird Alaskan bush people prepares to fly out of the nest after revealing that she will be returning to Alaska. The oldest daughter struggles to cope with the death of her father, Billy Brown. Before her passing, she shared her dream of returning to the Alaskan bush wilderness, revealing that she was unhappy in Washington.

Bird is best known for her love of privacy. Unlike her siblings, she doesn’t use social media to let fans know about her current life situation. The Discovery Channel star is one of seven children born to Alaskan bush people parents, Billy and Ami Brown. With five older brothers, Bird learned to be fiercely independent while growing up. In fact, she became the best hunter of the wolf pack. She doesn’t have time to have fun, as she is currently trying to help her family rebuild the North Store Ranch after the Palmer fires. Bird’s love for animals (not to mention her gentle demeanor) made her a fan favorite.


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The new season of Alaskan bush people is now underway and fans have learned that the Browns may be running out of a family member. Bird revealed that Alaska misses her, saying she never felt whole after leaving Brown Town behind. During an emotional episode, Bird told cameras, according to Discovery Press on Youtube : “There is so much to do, but I feel like it’s when you get your heart broken as a kid, you just want to snuggle up where you feel safe, and you want to come home. home. That’s kind of how I feel right now. ” While Bird seemed excited about his new adventure, his older brother Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown was less than impressed. Check out Bird’s clip below:

As the second oldest child and resident control freak in the family, Bam made it clear that he felt disappointed in his sister’s desire to return to Alaska, as he felt she was escaping his control. duty to North Store Ranch. Brother Bear Brown and his sister Rain Brown also decided to travel to their old home with Bird. Mother Ami has expressed concern over her children returning home in unpredictable weather in Alaska. Even Bird had his own reservations about leaving the property, saying Billy wasn’t feeling well.

Alaska will always be home to the Brown family, Birds sharing an intense connection with the wilderness. The trip is meant to answer the tough questions about the final return. In Bird’s mind, she sees Alaska as a middle to long term. Ultimately, the lure of the air and mountains of Alaska will likely be too hard to resist. Billy’s farewell words about the trip gave his daughter hope, as he said, “I think it’s going to give them a boost. Really. I think it’ll give them what they need emotionally and all that inside.”

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Alaskan bush people Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Discovery Channel.

Source: Discovery Press/Youtube

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