How Social Media Is Changing The Marketing Landscape And Enabling Consumers To Be More Interactive


Having a clear social media framework and strategy can help brands delineate the role of each channel and how it serves the pillars of brand messaging.

Through Deepti Karthik

“Which of my products does the consumer prefer and why? asked all of their search agency’s marketers over the past decade, who in turn would be asked 500 respondents. Respondents would be selected based on the description of the intended target audience shared with the agency and after the preparatory work the final report would arrive in three to four weeks. Instead, today the brand just rolled out a social media poll – Tell us which color you prefer and get 500 responses in under an hour. Social media has changed the marketing landscape and allowed brands to have an active conversation with consumers in a simpler, faster, more intuitive and believable format.

Social media today has not only been about creating content that makes brands seem relevant and not outdated, it has become the channel for advocacy development. Imagine you are a first-time mom and start following groups on social media asking for advice and hearing about a new brand of organic that another mom is using or that you are a passionate foodie. who sees a brand of seasonings and sauces used to make a There’s a good chance you might come across ads from these brands on another channel. Social media and social media content have therefore become the most effective growth hack for marketers trying to get new users into their fold.

I recently saw a poll that said that 90% of brand-loyal consumers follow their Instagram account, the GEN Z is rightly called the progressive customer because they not only want best in class when it comes to quality, but also want to know provenance with regards to their brand preference. They want to know more about the products and services they consume because they feel responsible for these choices. 90 percent of consumers said they would switch to sustainable brands if price and quality were equal, according to Bain’s Francois Faelli, and social media is the go-to channel for information assimilation for their ilk.

Have social networks become too crowded?

Mark Zuckerberg may have heralded a new world for consumers, but there is a new social media outlet every quarter that intends to challenge the supremacy of the Facebook conglomerate and so, as a channel becomes congested, there is There’s a newcomer promising to be more engaging and capture the consumer’s imagination. Social media has gone from text to images to videos, and while new trending platforms and formats make marketers guess at media dispersion, being the first student is key to winning. .

Having a clear social media framework and strategy can help brands delineate the role of each channel and how it serves the pillars of brand messaging. While being authentic and trustworthy is fundamental to ensuring verbalization, a brand must also be distinctly fresh in its visual language and agile in its communication to continue winning and retaining its followers on social media.

As a brand owner, I would like nothing more than to know the pulse of the public and social media marketers offer sentiment analysis, word clouds, reviews, product reviews in their arsenal to meet this need, all served directly by actual consumers. . Even creatives are now tested on social media for appreciation, shareability, and impact assessment before media is put behind the asset that won the Social Media Popularity Barometer for wider dissemination on social media. digital and mainstream media. If the answer to each question is 42, then the answer to how to activate a full funnel for consumer acquisition, retention and growth could be social media until we tackle the. dangers of the anonymity it offers to troublemakers. Many brands have been the target of consumer dissatisfaction on social media, and the PR machinery could have its work cut out for it if a well-meaning post lands in unintentional charters.

In the New World Order – “Have you checked out their Insta?” is the ultimate nod that a consumer can give to a brand and the brand has 3 rollers to vibrate with the potential consumer. So as brands the moment of truth is everywhere and the real question is, are you Insta-Ready?

The author is vice-president of marketing, DaMENSCH. The opinions expressed are personal.

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