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Gunnedah’s international songbird won’t be at home among the gum trees for Christmas, but she can still write songs about her hometown from the United States. Musician Katrina Burgoyne got involved in co-writing I’m Coming Home, with country music star Amber Lawrence, and said the chorus was “an ode to Gunnedah.” “It fell so easily and writing this song teleported me to my mom’s house which I missed so much. I have never been so moved writing a song and I never would have thought cry over words that say, “Roast lamb on a Sunday,” ”said Burgoyne. Read more: The singer-songwriter has not seen her family for three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is heartbroken not to return home for Christmas. “We wanted to write something for those who haven’t been able to return home for the past few years,” said Burgoyne. Lawrence released the song in November, but Burgoyne wished it had been her. “I never wrote a song with another artist and wanted to fight over who would record it,” Burgoyne said. “I think in time, I’ll release it when I get home; it’s a really special song.” The house has been a theme for Burgoyne who is nominated for the Golden Guitar for a vocal collaboration with “ex-pat friends” Kristy Cox, Travis List, Troy Kemp, The French Family and Jedd Hughes, for a cover of the classic song by Peter Allen, I Always call Australia home. “My fingers crossed. I’ve never won a Golden Guitar award, so I’m a little mixed emotionally,” said Burgoyne. “I had dreamed of winning one since I was 14. I imagined it more clearly than on my own wedding day. It would be bittersweet to win the prize and not be there to take the stage and celebrate the victory with my peers Australian music. ” Burgoyne’s own home changed a few months ago when she moved from Nashville where she had lived since leaving the Australian shores in 2017 to pursue her musical dreams. After “the lockdown, the Black Lives Matter riots, a bombshell last Christmas and a street shooting” and “soaring” house prices, the musician and her boyfriend, Stephen Kinney, decided to “get out of town” and settled into a “little two-room apartment” in Hendersonville. “The vibe in this town is actually like Tamworth. It’s a little more ‘country’. I can get my feet on the grass and it’s a lot safer,” said Burgoyne. The musician however spends a lot of time on the road, making the most of her freedom after the COVID-19 pandemic put her out of work for eight months in 2020. While 2021 was a slow burn at first, she said that she had been “the best year yet” with loads of shows over the summer. The musician also recently released an EP, The Next Big Thing, which was recorded on lockdown with her boyfriend who turned out to have some talent for producing music and videos. The EP reached nearly half a million streams on Spotify and was added to major playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. “It’s heavily influenced by my journey here, from my songs 25 Cents in the Ashtray and Songwriter, sharing my struggle on this side of the world. Tennessee went to number one on Country Music Television and number four on Australian Country Radio.” , Burgoyne mentioned. She said the title song, The Next Big Thing, was inspired by Americans’ confidence to become “the next big thing” and her response by “saying it the way I see it”. Burgoyne calls on residents to support her by broadcasting her music and sharing it on social networks. “If you like her, please brainwash all your friends for the girl from your hometown,” she said. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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