Knives Out 2 already avoids a fatal Netflix movie error

Knives Out 2 may get an exclusive 45-day theatrical window before airing, which would help the sequel avoid a major Netflix movie issue.

Netflix plans to give Knives Out 2 a theatrical passage, which will avoid one of the worst cinematic mistakes of the streaming service. Following Knives outof the massive 2019 hit, Netflix has secured the rights to make two sequels, both of which will be available on the service for subscribers. However, unlike the vast majority of its previous projects, Netflix is ​​testing a new release schedule for some of its original films by giving them an exclusive theatrical window. One of the top contenders, according to Bloombergis the highly anticipated film Knives Out 2. Before Knives Out 2 drops on Netflix in 2022, it could hit theaters for a 45-day window, which would repeat Warner Bros. and Disney’s typical streaming theater trend.


While Netflix has been churning out original movies since 2012, the streaming service has rarely launched its projects in theaters. So far, every Netflix movie that has made a theatrical run has either received a limited theatrical release or debuted at a film festival, with the majority of audiences only able to see those movies on the streaming service. from Netflix. Since Netflix needs to maintain numbers on its platform, the service typically only releases movies in theaters for limited windows when necessary for rewards eligibility. This is the main reason why highly hyped Netflix movies like The power of the dog, Don’t look up, My octopus teacherand Martin Scorsese The Irishman debuted in theaters, as they needed to do so to qualify for the Oscars.

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While Netflix has been trying to strike deals with theaters for years to bring its movies to the big screen, the streaming service has notable issues with movie theater chains, making those exclusivity deals more difficult. The first sequel to Knives out, which was one of the last major non-franchise theatrical hits before the COVID-19 pandemic, could then be the answer to solving Netflix’s lost subscriptions and declining theater revenue. Knives Out 2 is also the second in a new franchise with an already massive following, which deserves a larger-scale debut than just a weekend on Netflix. Rather than being buried on the service after its release, a theatrical release for Rian Johnson’s Knives Out 2 could give it significant longevity that’s usually only reserved for Netflix’s high-profile Oscar contenders.

Why Netflix Might Release Knives Out 2 In Theaters

Daniel Craig in Knives Out 2

Following Netflix’s massive subscriber loss in 2022, the service appears to be testing new ideas to regain its goliath stature. One of those ideas has been to move more of its original movies into theaters before they land on the streaming service — and not just the ones that will be up for the Oscars. Right now two of the top contenders are Rian Johnson Knives Out 2 and a new film from director Alejandro González Iñárritu, the former seeming like a no-brainer for theatrical success. If the Daniel Craig-starring Knives Out 2 is chosen to debut in theaters, it would receive a 45-day window, which is the time frame that Netflix had previously tried to secure for The Irishman in 2019. Theaters wanted at least a two-month window at the time, so it was delegated to a limited release. After the difficulties of the pandemic, cinemas are ready to accept a 45-day window for exclusive releases before dropping films on streaming services, which means that Netflix can finally join the fight at the pre-box office. -streaming with major titles from Disney and Warner Brothers.

Netflix release Knives Out 2 would be a major test for the theatrical future of the streaming service, with Bloomberg suggesting that if the Knives out sequel is a box office hit, Netflix could release at least a dozen more movies in the same way afterward. However, Netflix must first agree to spend a considerable amount of money on marketing before theaters will agree to a deal with Knives Out 2, which he usually doesn’t like to do unless he asks the public to watch it on his own platform. Given that other platforms have seen the success of its streaming titles after their theatrical windows, Netflix can now be eager to join this release strategy to win back subscribers, with Knives Out 2 being the perfect test run.

Netflix’s past theatrical releases have broken a fatal trend for its original movies

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While Netflix is ​​renowned for churning out dozens and dozens of original movies every year, the majority of its movies are lost in its huge catalog after they debut. Even Netflix’s most popular releases have struggled to maintain a place in broader cultural conversations after their premieres, with the few that remain also being ones that were briefly shown in theaters. While a few Netflix original movies like To all the boys I’ve loved before, street of fearand The Adam Project have retained a longer lifespan in cultural consciousness, the majority of films that continue to have larger audiences or continued prominence in wider conversions are those that had to hit theaters for Oscar eligibility. The power of the dog, The Irishman, Don’t look up, army of the dead, bird boxand Andrew Garfield Tick, tick… Boom! all received limited theatrical releases, and they happen to be among the only Netflix Originals that had massive appeal long after their debut. Netflix clearly realized that these films – even without the notion of Oscar eligibility – warranted a campaign for their popularity beyond simply dropping on the streaming service, which clearly also applied to Knives Out 2.

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Knives Out 2’s theatrical release saves it from a big Netflix problem

Knives Out 2

Knives Out 2 isn’t the type of movie Netflix will consider its piece in a Best Picture or Best Visual Effects Oscar win, so the idea that the service is really working to give it an exclusive theatrical release is surprising. Not only will this mark a major shift for Netflix’s future release strategies, but it will also save Greece. Knives Out 2 — a highly anticipated sequel to a film that has already been established as one of the greatest murder mysteries of its time — from a less impactful outing on the service. While some of Netflix’s other genre movies like The Adam Project did well to avoid the service’s fatal movie problem without a theatrical release, Knives Out 2 is a massive title with a built-in sequel that already has a life beyond Netflix. As such, Knives Out 2 would greatly benefit from a larger release to match the success of its predecessor while ensuring interest in Knives out 3.

With no subsequent theatrical release and streaming debut, Knives Out 2 may have been delegated a relatively shorter lifespan than it would have been with a simple streaming release, as has been the case with the majority of Netflix original movies. Knives Out 2The notoriety of the existing franchise would have saved it from dying on the service already, but a full theatrical window is what will keep the sequel from being lost in Netflix’s massive list of original releases. If the theatrical agreement passes, Knives Out 2 won’t be binged for a few weeks and forgotten in Netflix’s library, but instead will benefit from the theatrical assets of word-of-mouth, box office details and common viewing experiences to increase its grip when it finally lands on Netflix.

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