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There are rumors that Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer are getting married soon. Marriage is that godly bond that should always be reciprocated and always serious and that is why most Hollywood lovebirds have headed for marriage or they will soon be married.

We’ve seen many more who dated for a few years or months and then got engaged and decided to get married. Many names and rumors have come up in recent months regarding this thing and among them was Twilight actress Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart, known for her role in the Twilight Saga, is now dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer. Kristen Stewart, who is 31, gave an interview to a magazine or a channel where she confessed to the rumors surrounding her and her companion. It was clear the couple got engaged and were set to wed, but “when” is the question.

Kristen Stewart shared her wedding news


In Kristen Stewart’s recent interview with CBS on Sunday morning. She was asked if she was going to marry Dylan or not, then in response she replied that no, she is not getting married at the moment. She mentioned it as “no, it’s a lot”. She even added that these rumors are something disheartening and discouraging.

With the extra words, on top of that, she even said it in a very obvious way that whenever it’s about to happen, it’s sure to happen. They’re just not ready to say “yes” or take responsibility as each other’s legal partners yet. Kristen then revealed that she didn’t really want to get engaged for just a few years like the five-year-old.

When asked what she would do in her marriage, she responds in all cold ways. She said she really didn’t care about things like flowers and stuff, all she cared about was food. She just wants the food at her wedding to be on point. She then said she would wear a perfect pair of Levises.

And for the dress, it would be an old t-shirt that she loves pairing with a tuxedo print. She would love to walk barefoot. She wants a very homemade wedding and she wants Dylan to laugh a lot when she sees Kristen Stewart in a Tuxedo print.

It was in 2017 that Kristen came out publicly as a bisexual woman, then in 2019 she entered into a relationship with Dylan Meyer who is a screenwriter. She lives very happily with Dylan. In November 2021, they got engaged to be married.

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