“Let it be known that I defeated Bird, Magic and MJ in their prime”: When Isiah Thomas spoke of the Bulls and Celtics legend in a candid interview


Isiah Thomas is the only superstar to defeat the Three Legends – Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Zeke is of course proud of this awesome achievement and reminds everyone of it with a tweet.

During the existence of the NBA, several legends have graced the hardwood with their unreal talents. Many players have showcased all the majestic virtues they possess on the court. However, among the many greats of all time to have played in this talented league, there are three names that come up quite often when discussing the greatest players – Michael jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

All of these three players are generational types of players, who have left an impressive mark on the sport of basketball. Because of all the successes they have found in their careers, these players are highly respected. Besides being good in their art, these icons are mainly known for winning and their insane passion to give the best of themselves in every game.

There was only one person who defeated all of these players in their bounty. And he’s none other than the former Detroit Pistons legend Isiah thomas.

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Isiah Thomas is the only superstar to defeat Jordan, Bird and Magic in their prime

Zeke is easily one of the most decorated players in the game, with 12 All-Star appearances, 5 All-NBA caps, 2-time NBA champion and was even the MVP of the NBA Finals in 1990. However, his greatest achievement and the rarest to date is the fact that this Bad Boy Piston was the only legend in the history of the association to have defeated Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in their prime.

In the 22 playoff games that Zeke and MJ faced, IT ended up winning 12 of those games. Even though Mike outscored Thomas 30-18.9 in those 22 games, what matters is that Isiah managed to get more wins.

In his 10 encounters against Magic and the Lakers, the Baby-Faced Assassin has won 6 instances, while even surpassing Johnson 20.9-18.3 in those matches. And finally, against Bird, Thomas was 11-11. While he didn’t really have the edge over legendary Larry, he was one of the few who didn’t have a negative playoff record against the Boston legend.

Recently, “The Undefeated” shared a tweet showing the one-on-one stats of all of these Legends against Isiah. And it’s safe to say that Thomas wanted the whole world to know about this difficult statistic, just by tweeting:

“Let us know”

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Definitely, Isiah Thomas has achieved one of the rarest and most difficult achievements of all time and is sure to be showcased on social media.


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