Letter: Can’t we do something against the deer, the turkeys? | Letters to the Editor


Yesterday, while I was sitting with a neighbor, I noticed a turkey across the street. Knowing that something was wrong, I called animal control.

Kris Walker walked over, made the bird walk, but she could tell the bird was very sick. He walked around the house, but had no sense of balance. She must have called the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. After waiting a while I left, but later that day we walked past and the turkey was in the same place it was when I left.

Why isn’t the WGFD doing something for all the turkeys and deer in our city? A deer killed a neighbor’s dog not long ago and turkeys are disgusting because they poop everywhere, and I got scratched by these wild birds.

The deer and turkeys were never in Sheridan, now the WGFD doesn’t care and we have to put up with them. So this sick turkey transmits disease to other animals, both wild and to our pets. Something should be done because this problem should have been fixed years ago.

What is the problem here WGFD?

The other morning we had two big pennies in our front yard, I go out and do what I had to do and they just looked at me, but never moved. Something bad will happen to another person’s pet or a human will be injured.

We had a paralyzed turkey that had been walking around for a few years and no, it wasn’t that bird. This turkey was indeed very ill. There for a while the deer were slaughtered at night to reduce the population, so we were informed. Can’t we do something because it’s ridiculous, dirty and very dangerous.


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