Local poultry farmers monitor the outbreak of bird flu

LARSEN, Wis. (WBAY) – Bird flu has spread to Wisconsin for the first time since 2015.

The US Department of Agriculture confirmed the outbreak at a large-scale commercial farm in Jefferson County. Nearly 3 million chickens were dumped in a field.

So far, it’s the only outbreak in the state, but local poultry farmers are monitoring recent news because bird flu is an airborne contagious respiratory virus.

“The more information, the better,” said Justin Duell, owner of The G Farm in Larsen. “It’s good to pay attention to what the neighbors have, in terms of issues, because that’s definitely going to play a part in how we have to do or what we have to do if we have to make any adjustments.”

At this time, Duell does not plan to make any changes to his flock of 150 laying hens, but he will continue to monitor the disease.

“I think you would be able to tell early and before my chickens are integrated together. They are apart a lot of the time. So I think that kind of stuff would become obvious before it becomes a problem,” Duell said.

The Wisconsin Grocers Association is also monitoring the outbreak.

“It’s an animal disease. It’s bird flu. It’s not a food safety issue. So it doesn’t really affect the product you see in stores,” Brandon said. Scholz, president of the Wisconsin Grocers Association.

Scholz said state and federal agencies are taking the necessary steps to stop the spread, which he says should reassure consumers.

“They’ve dealt with her before. They have a high level of confidence that they identify the problem that they are doing the right things, that they have the right solutions to deal with it,” Scholz said. “Our customers must have a high degree of confidence in the safety of the product they buy. So what we don’t know is how long it’s going to take, but we do know that the steps that are being taken are all right.

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