Malaika Arora calls her son, Arhaan Khan, a fitness enthusiast


Malaika Arora was married to actor-producer Arbaaz Khan on December 12, 1998. Both fell in love with each other at a very young age and it was after 5 long years of dating that Malaika and Arbaaz had decided to settle down together. The couple welcomed their baby boy, Arhaan in 2002. However, their love life ended with a divorce on May 11, 2017.

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It was utterly shocking for all of us to accept the news of the lovebirds split. At present, Malaika Arora and the Ishaqzaade celebrity, Arjun Kapoor are madly in love with each other. Arhaan Khan has graciously accepted his mother’s relationship with his beau, Arjun and likewise, he is also on good terms with Arbaaz Khan’s model girlfriend, Giorgia Andriani.

Malaika Arora Arjun Kapoor Arbaaz Khan Giorgia Andriani

During an interview with ETimes, Malaika Arora spoke about her son, Arhaan being a fitness enthusiast. She said her main goal right now is to gain volume. Malaika, who is a fitness freak herself, understands Arhaan’s infatuation with the same and also says her age is a big factor in her recent health goals.

Malaika Arora

She said, “Yes, he also enjoys fitness a lot. You see he is at that age where he wants to go to the gym and build muscle. But he also knows the importance of yoga because I keep telling him it every day. Malaika mentioned how she insists her son, Arhaan, focus on yoga as well. She educates him on the importance of this form of fitness and wants Arhaan to get involved in the practice of yoga.

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Malaika Arora Arhaan Khan

On top of that, Malaika Arora revealed how Arhaan listened to her words keenly and incorporated yoga into her fitness regimen. She said, “So yeah, now Arhaan is slowly incorporating it into his workout as well because I told him he needs to do some yoga because that’s what will keep his body soft and flexible. So, yes, yoga is an integral part of her daily routine. He’s also quite obsessed with wanting to be in shape, which I’m really happy with. ”

Malaika Arora Arhaan Khan

Apparently, Arhaan Khan took a year off in his studies, on which his mother, Malaika, said: “I was clear that even if he was doing this, he should use his time well. I told him he had to engage in various things, learn something new, and not just sit around wasting his time. The actress continues to remain a rule and firm mother wherever needed with her son and pours immense love on Arhaan.

Malaika Arora Arhaan Khan

Apart from that, Arhaan Khan was recently spotted at Galaxy Apartment in Mumbai while visiting his father Arbaaz Khan on Father’s Day. Salman Khan had taken advantage of his IG account to share a preview of the meeting at their home and Arhaan was included in his post. Arhaan often spends quality time with his two parents, Malaika and Arbaaz.

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Father's Day celebration at Salman Khans House

Malaika Arora had recently confided that she always wanted to have a girl, saying that there was no one to wear her cute clothes and shoes!

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