Malcolm Subban surprises the NHL with his national anthem

BUFFALO, NY — For weeks Malcolm Subban’s teammates have been encouraging him to sing the national anthem before one of their home games.

“This guy has some good tips,” Sabers center Tage Thompson said.

What do you want to know

  • The plan was for Malcolm Subban to pre-record a recorded anthem, but he felt confident after rehearsal to do it live.
  • Subban says he likes to sing “everything”, from country to R&B
  • Subban says he was so nervous for his big mic debut that he skipped lunch

Subban is something of an amateur-type songbird, who says he likes to sing all genres, but never intentionally sang for anyone until days before his mic debut at KeyBank Center. .

“I would say maybe a few weeks ago, but like the jokes, that’s how it started,” Subban said. “Just talking to some players about it, it kind of started to come together a bit.”

The plan was for Subban to pre-record his rendition of the anthem, but he felt so comfortable after rehearsals with arena staff earlier in the day that he decided to do it in direct – to the surprise of his teammates.

“I don’t have the balls to do this. It was hugely impressive,” Sabers center Casey Mittelstadt said. “He’s good. I didn’t expect that.”

While the Toronto native’s parents didn’t attend his big performance in person, his brother PK tweeted in support.

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