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To encounter Tubbya giant jar of Duke’s Mayo with wide eyes and shaggy eyebrows.

It is the size of 61 Duke’s Mayo jars and certainly does not weigh 30 fluid ounces. He loves Duke’s Mayo and yo-yo.

He’s the first mascot in Duke’s Mayo’s 105-year history, and he tweeted on social media when he announced himself to the world by “hacking” Duke’s social media feeds in late August starting with “HELLU WRLD”.

He tweeted at several celebrities and brands, like Dolly Parton and Taco Bell. He even tweeted at Wendy’s, “HEYYYY WENDY. U FREE FRIDAY?” and “SAY WENDY 2 CALL. THIS JAR SINGLE.

“Tubby, the mascot, is another way Duke’s continues to shake up the condiments category and connect with customers,” Duke’s Mayo spokeswoman Rebecca Lupesco said in a statement. “We’re the rebels of an overly traditional category, and we’ve given ourselves permission to have fun with this passionate, curious, and slightly off-balance character.”

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Fans responded in their thousands to Tubby’s early posts, with gushing comments like “never wanted to kiss a mascot before, but here we are” to more critical such as “He looks like Eugene Levy.”

Fans even chose his name.

Three names were offered in a social media poll – including Spreadable Fred and Sammie – with fans ultimately voting for Tubby.

Duke’s Mayo revamped its marketing strategy with original campaigns, such as offering free Duke’s Mayo tattoos at the Yellow Bird Tattoo in Richmond in May to celebrate Duke’s 100th anniversary. The 70 slots were reserved within an hour and a half of the announcement.

Tubby made his first in-person appearance Saturday at Duke’s Mayo Classic college football game in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he ran a race with the other mascots. He also timed a tomato sandwich tasting contest.

“Duke’s Mayo is about adding southern flavor to life and through experiences, not just products. Tubby is one of those experiences that we need to connect with our fans,” Lupesco said.

She said the response so far has been “wild. For the most part, people have embraced it. They want to know more about him.

Although Tubby has no immediate plans for in-person appearances in Richmond, Lupesco suggests Tubby fans stay tuned. Social Media Duke’s Mayo to find out what he’s up to next.

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